Biatain Super NonAdhesive

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    US Distribution to MO and RI.
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    Biatain Super Non-Adhesive, Catalog number 46300, 10 pcs, REF 0463001400. Country of Origin:HU. || Biatain Super Non-Adhesive dressing is primarily indicated for the treatment of high, medium and low exuding leg ulcers surrounded by fragile skin. The dressings may be used throughout the healing process to provide padding and protection for 2nd degree burns, diabetic wounds (primarily lower leg and foot), surgical wounds (left to heal by secondary intention and incisional wounds) and skin abrasions. The dressings are suitable for use under compression bandaging.
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    Coloplast Manufacturing US, LLC, 1601 W River Rd, Minneapolis MN 55411-3431
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