Device Recall ABSOLOK Extra Absorbable Ligating Clip cartridges, small, code AP100.

  • Modelo / Serial
    Lot: SL2102, exp. date 07/08; SL2116, exp. date 07/08; SL2123, exp. date 07/08; SM7266, exp. date 07/08; SP2618, exp. date 07/08; TB2043, exp. date 01/09; TB2044, exp. date 01/09; TB2199, exp. date 01/09; TB2333, exp. date 01/09; TB7971, exp. date 01/09; TD7873, exp. date 01/09; TG8166, exp. date 01/09; TJ2047, exp. date 07/09; TJ2331, exp. date 07/09; TJ8306, exp. date 07/09; TK8398, exp. date 07/09; TL2243, exp. date 07/09; TL2352, exp. date 07/09; and TP7672, exp. date 07/09.
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    The product was distributed throughout the United States and to foreign customers located in Saudi Arabia, Egypt, United Kingdom, Germany, France, Republic of Panama, Turkey, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Puerto Rico, Spain, Japan, China, Republic of Singapore, Argentina, Italy, New Zealand, Australia, Canada, Czech Republic, Sweden, Portugal, Slovenia, Poland, Hungary, and the United Arab Emirate.
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    ABSOLOK Extra Absorbable Ligating Clip cartridges, small, code AP100. Ten cartridges are packaged per box.
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    Ethicon Endo-Surgery, 4545 Creek Rd, Cincinnati OH 45242-2803
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