Device Recall Cohesive bandages, CBN1106

  • Modelo / Serial
    Item No. Lot No. Expiration Date, CBN1106 12113H10A Oct-15, CBN1106 13033H10A Feb-16, CBN1106 13053H10A Apr-16, CBN1106 13083H10A Jul-16, CBN1106 13103H10A Sep-16, CBN1106 13113H10A Oct-16, CBN1106 14013H10A Dec-16, CBN1106 14043H10A Mar-17, CBN1106 14053H10A Apr-17, CBN1106 14063H10A May-17, CBN1106 14083H10A Jul-17, CBN1106 14093H10A Aug-17, CBN1106 14093H10A Aug-17, CBN1106 14113H10A Oct-17, CBN1106 14123H10A Nov-17, CBN1106 15013H10A Dec-17, CBN1106 15023H10A Jan-18, CBN1106 15033H10A Feb-18, CBN1106 15043H10A Mar-18, CBN1106 15053H10A Apr-18, CBN1106 15063H10A May-18, CBN1106 15083H10A Jul-18, CBN1106 15073H10A Jun-18.
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    Nationwide Distribution.
  • Descripción del producto
    MediChoice Cohesive Bandages, One (1) roll of cohesive bandage per bag, thirty-six (36) bags per case [all model numbers have equivalent packaging] || General Hospital Use.
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  • Dirección del fabricante
    Owens & Minor Distribution, Inc., 9120 Lockwood Blvd, Mechanicsville VA 23116-2015
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