Device Recall DermaHood Neuro Elastic Retractors

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    Catalog number: 382805, Lot numbers: 01A1100470, 01A1100374, 01A1100517, 01A1100519, 01B1100006, 01B1100131, 01B1100159, 01B1100275, 01E1000026, 01F1000586, 01G1000137, 01G1000139, 01G1000251, 01G1000326, 01H1000271,  01H1000296, 01J1000267, 01J1000298, 01K1000005, 01K1000051, 01K1000181, 01K1000334, 01L1000282, 01L1000283, 01L1000292, 01M1000008, 01M1000144, 01M1000198, 01M1000199 and 01M1000200.
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    Nationwide distribution.
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    Weck, DermaHook ¿ (12mm), Neuro Elastic Retractors, 6 per Package, 10 Packages per Sales Units, 10 Sales Units per Shipper, Rx Only, Teleflex Medical, Research Triangle Park, NC 277809. || For use as skin retraction devices during general surgery. DuraHooks are also cleared for use in procedures requiring retraction of dura mater.
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    Teleflex Medical, 2917 Weck Dr., Research Triangle Park NC 27709
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