Device Recall MAYFIELD Composite Series Base Unit Standard

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    Model # A3101 Base Units Serial No's: SB120016, SB120017, SB120019, SB120020, SB120021, SB120022, SB120023, SB120024, SB120025, SB120026, SB120027, SB120028, SB120029, SB120030, SB120031, SB120032, SB120134, SB120036, SB120037, SB120038, SB120040, SB120042, SB120043, SB120044, SB120045, SB120049, SB120050, SB120051, SB120052, SB120053, SB120054, SB120055, SB120056, SB120057, SB120058, SB120059, SB120060, SB120061, SB120062, SB120063, SB120064, SB120065, SB120066, SB120067, SB120068, SB120069, SB120070, SB120071, SB120072, SB120073, SB120074, SB120075, SB120076, SB120077, SB120078, SB120079, SB120080, SB120081, SB120082, SB120083, SB120084, SB120085, SB120086, SB120087, SB120088, SB120089, SB120090, SB120091, SB120092, SB120093, SB120094, SB120095, SB120096, SB120097, SB120098, SB120099, SB120100, SB120107, SB120108, SB120109, SB120111, SB120112, SB120113, SB120114, SB120115, SB120116, SB120117, SB120118, SB120119, SB120120, SB120121, SB120122, SB120129, SB120131, SB120138 & SB120141.
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    Worldwide Distribution - USA including AL, AR, AZ, CA, CO, CT, FL, GA, IL, IN, KY, MA, MD, MI, MN, MO, MS, NC, NE, NJ, NM, NY, OH, OK, OR, PA, TN, TX, UT, VA, WA & WI. Internationally to Belgium.
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    MAYFIELD¿ Composite Series Base Unit Standard, Model (A3101), Rx ONLY, Integra LifeScience Corporation, 4900 Charlemar Drive, Building A, Cincinnati, OH 45227 || The MAYFIELD¿ Base Units are intended to be used to support a patient during diagnostic examination and/or surgical procedures where a rigid support between surgical table and headrest, or skull clamp is necessary, positional freedom is required and where X-ray imaging modalities will be used.
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