Device Recall Suture, nonabsorbable, synthetic, polyethylene.

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    Product Code: 0100019-507, Lot number: 02F1301128; Product Code: 6-511, Lot number: 02M0800561; Product Code: 6-559, Lot number: 02A0800005; Product Code: 69-403, Lot number: 02H0802530; Product Code: 7-5008M4, Lot number: 02C0900466; Product Code: 7-518, Lot number: 02E1302561; Product Code: 7-565, Lot number: 02B1100185; Product Code: 7-655A, Lot numbers: 02C0901963 & 02M0800836; Product Code: 7-740, Lot number: 02L1000536; Product Code: 833-114, Lot numbers: 02A1202112, 02C0903374 & 02D1202794; Product Code: 02F0902697, 02K1100404, 02L1202369 & 02M0802509; Product Code: E13-6351, Lot number: 02F0902446; Product Code: E13-6354, Lot number: 02F0902439; Product Code: E13-6399, Lot number: 02F0902436; Product Code: E6-545, Lot number: 02F0902443; Product Code: E7-4578, ot number: 02D0901672; Product Code: H5300, Lot number: 1450153E13; Product Code: RN6-5106M5, Lot number: 02F1003837; Product Code: RN7-536M5, Lot number: 02A0801205; Product Code: TEV100, Lot number: 02G1101500; Product Code: V-2599, Lot number: 02F0802055; Product Code: X-5424, Lot number: 02B0900765; Product Code: X6-692W, Lot number: 02C0803135; Product Code: X7-655M6A, Lot number: 02A0900806, 02A0902742, 02C0900446 & 02H1003233 and Product Code: XF7-7011, Lot numbers: 02A0901594.
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    Worldwide Distribution - U.S. Nationwide and the countries of Canada, Germany, and Ireland
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    Sutures, Non-absorbable, Synthetic, Polyethylene, Sterile, Rx only, || Product Usage: Non-absorbable poly(ethylene terephthalate) surgical suture is a multifilament, non-absorbable, sterile, flexible thread prepared from fibers of high molecular weight, long-chain, linear polyesters having recurrent aromatic rings as an integral component and is indicated for use in soft tissue approximation.
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    Teleflex Medical, 2917 Weck Dr., Research Triangle Park NC 27709
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