JacksonPratt Hemaduct Cardiothoracic Silicone Round Drain,19FR

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    Catalog Number: CT-HU1900 Lot Numbers: 1161200 1161362 1161455 1161599
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    Nationwide Distribution
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    Jackson-Pratt Hemaduct Cardiothoracic Silicone Round Drain,19FR. Sterile, Rx Only. For Single Use Only. || Jackson-Pratt Wound Drainage Systems are sterile single use devices. The wound drainage system consist of a wound drain and a fluid collection reservoir. The wound drain is a radio-opaque section of tubing which has perforations or ducts. The wound drain is surgically placed in a surgical wound site using a trocar. Blood and fluids are collected through a wound drain into a fluid collection reservoir. Wound drains are used to remove exudates from wound sites. Trocars, drains and reservoirs are for a single patient use only and should be discarded after use
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    Cardinal Health 200, LLC, 1500 S Waukegan Rd, Waukegan IL 60085-6728
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