Teleflex(R) Percuvance(TM) Percutaneous Surgical System, Gripper Grasper

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    (a) Catalog Number PCVJG5, Lot Numbers: 73E1700794, 73G1700271, 73G1700515, 73H1700081, 73H1700367  (b) Catalog Number PCVMD5, Lot Numbers: 73E1700796, 73G1700273,  73H1700083  (c) Catalog Number PCVHCA5, Lot Numbers: 73E1700798, 73H1700084  (d) Catalog Number PCVGG5, Lot Numbers: 73E1700793, 73G1700272, 73H1700082, 73H1700247  (e) Catalog Number PCVSC5, Lot Number: 73H1700569
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    Worldwide Distribution - USA (nationwide) Distribution and to the countries of : Australia, Belgium, Hong Kong, Japan, S. Korea and Singapore.
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    Teleflex(R) Percuvance(TM) Percutaneous Surgical System, Components: || (a) 5 mm Atraumatic Johans Grasper, Catalog Number PCVJG5 || (b) 5 mm Maryland Dissector, Catalog Number PCVMD5 || (c) 5 mm Hem-o-lok Clip Applier, Catalog Number PCVHCA5 || (d) 5 mm Traumatic Gripper Grasper, Catalog Number PCVGG5 || (e) 5 mm Scissors, Catalog Number PCVSC5 || The Percuvance Percutaneous Surgical System is a family of instruments used to perform laparoscopic procedures. Without the need for additional insertion conduits (trocars), the 2.9mm insulated Shafts are inserted percutaneously with the assistance of an Introducer needle tool tip. The Shaft is then advanced retrograde through a 5mm, or larger, port to facilitate the extracorporeal attachment of interchangeable Tool Tips. These interchangeable tools can be used to grasp, retract, manipulate, cut, coagulate and deliver Hem-o-lok¿ ligating clips to soft tissue. Each Percuvance System Handle includes an integrated male cautery adapter that can be connected to most monopolar electrosurgical units (ESU) via a standard 4mm monopolar cable.
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    Teleflex Medical, 2917 Weck Dr, Research Triangle Park NC 27709-0186
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