Device Recall ABACUS TPN Calculation Software, Baxa

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    Product Code: 8300-0045,,8300-0046,,8300-0047,,8300-0045,,8300-0046,,8300-0047,,8300-0045,,8300-0046,,8300-0047,,8300-0045,,8300-0046,,8300-0047,,8300-0045,,8300-0046,,8300-0047
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    Nationwide Distribution
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    ABACUS TPN Calculation Software, Baxa: 8300-0045 ABACUS CE (Calculator Edition), 8300-0046 ABACUS SE (Single-Workstation Edition), 8300-0047 ABACUS ME (Multi-Workstation Edition) || ABACUS is a Windows¿ - based order entry TPN software application for comprehensive calculations and label printing. The primary use of Abacus is for TPN order calculations. Other uses of Abacus include: non-TPN volumes administered to patients on TPN therapy in order calculations; CVVH calculations; Cardioplegia (Buckburg) calculations; Epidural calculations; Dilutions from concentrated ingredient; Combinations of multiple ingredients; Fractional doses from larger volumes
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    Baxter Corporation Englewood, 14445 Grasslands Dr, Englewood CO 80112-7062
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