Device Recall Arrow 4FR Peripherally Inserted Central Catheter (PICCs) Kits

  • Modelo / Serial
    Product number ASK-01451-BMH - Lot numbers RF8060214 and RF8096394; Product number ASK-05041-CHC - Lot numbers RF8109279 and RF9056727; Product number ASK-05041-CHC1 - Lot numbers RF9069677 and RF9098408; Product number ASK-05041-CHM - Lot numbers RF8057827 and RF8068899; Product number ASK-05041-HMC - Lot numbers RF8068662, RF8083994, RF8108545, RF9043625, RF9056403, RF9085278, and RF9098580; Product number ASK-05041-QV - Lot number RF9097395; Product number ASK-07041-BMH - Lot numbers RF9031839, RF9098784, and RL8108648; Product number CN-05041-LW - Lot numbers RF8069608, RF9056127, RF9070920, and RL9019402; Product number MSO-01451-UCL - Lot numbers RF9057410, RF9084460, RL8118758, and RL9029477; Product number MTO-01451-RH - Lot number RL9019228; Product number PL-05041 - Lot numbers RF8071766 and RF9109677; Product number PR-04041-HPX - Lot numbers RF8072920 and RF8109646; Product number PR-05041 - Lot numbers RF8056742, RF8068423, RF8069651, RF8071677, RF8095208, RF8095832, RF8108465, RF9028902, RF9043449, RF9056132, RF9085152, and RF9086357; Product number PR-05041-HP - Lot numbers RF8072840, RF8083506, RF8084926, and RF8107907; Product number PR-05041-HPX - Lot numbers RF8071099, RF8072981, RF9015967, RF9057607, and RF9097057; Product number PR-05041-LW - Lot numbers RF8057252, RF8072743, RF8083529, RF8108466, RF8110585, RF9031472, RF9044054, RF9060502, and RF9097058; Product number PR-05041-MW - Lot numbers 8057253, RF8060216, RF8095834, RF8108467, RF8110586, RF9016412, RF9031473, RF9044055, RF9069045, RF9071244, RF9085152, RF9086354, RF9100412, and RF9109679; Product number PR-05041-T - Lot numbers RF8068845 and RF8107962; Product number PR-05042 - Lot numbers RF8068846, RF8107963, RF8122680, RF9016413, RF9044057, and RF9073297; Product number PR-05541-HPX - Lot number RF8124014; Product number PR-07041-PTSP - Lot numbers RF8068850, RF8071679, RF8107965, RF8110358, RF9042708, and RF9072922; and Product number RJ-01451-W - Lot numbers RF8068664, RF8096774, RF8123596, and RF9060298.
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    Worldwide distribution: USA, Australia, Brazil, Canada, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Malaysia, and Chile.
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    Arrow 4FR Peripherally Inserted Central Catheter (PICCs) Kits. Product numbers: ASK-01451-BMH; ASK-05041-CHC; ASK-05041-CHC1; ASK-05041-CHM; ASK-05041-HMC; ASK-05041-QV; ASK-07041-BMH; CN-05041-LW; MSO-01451-UCL; MTO-01451-RH; PL-05041; PR-04041-HPX; PR-05041; PR-05041-HP; PR- 05041-HPX; PR-05041-LW; PR-05041-MW; PR-05041-T; PR-05042; PR-05541-HPX; PR-07041-PTSP; and RJ-01451-W.
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    Arrow International Inc, 2400 Bernville Road, Reading PA 19605
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