Device Recall Needle, hypodermic, single lumen

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    Catalog No. 46227. Known Lot No. ("x" represents any release number): 12-6780-x, 12-6925-x, 12-6968-x, 12-7060-x, 12-7119-x, 12-7144-x, 12-7177-x, 12-7208-x, 12-7258-x, 12-7259-x, 12-7324-x, 12-7325-x, 12-7363-x, 12-7391-x, 12-7412-x, 12-7463-x, 12-7469-x, 12-7472-x, 12-7499-x, 13-6780-x, 13-7538-x, 13-7560-x, 13-7581-x, 13-7648-x, 13-7667-x, 13-7702-x, 13-7704-x, 13-7719-x, 13-7733-x, 13-7761-x, 13-7841-x, 13-7920-x, 13-7950-x, 13-7966-x, 13-7988-x, 13-8006-x, 13-8032-x, 13-8039-x, 13-8082-x, 13-8083-x, 13-8084-x, 13-8143-x, 13-8144-x, 13-8145-x, 13-8149-x, 13-8184-x, 13-8185-x, 13-8489-x, 13-8272-x, 14-8327-x, 14-8335-x, 14-8354-x, 14-8385-x, 14-8386-x, 14-8396-x, 14-8440-x, 14-8441-x, 14-8442-x, 14-8457-x, 14-8509-x, 14-8512-x, 14-8513-x, 14-8540-x, 14-8541-x, 14-8542-x, 14-8583-x, 14-8628-x, 14-8631-x, 14-8696-x, 14-8737-x, 14-8794-x, 14-8807-x, 14-8829-x, 14-8863-x, 14-9851-x, 14-9015-x, 14-9035-x, 14-9064-x, 14-9081-x, 15-0113-x, 15-9333-x, 15-9350-x, 15-9351-x, 15-9364-x, 15-9377-x, 15-9442-x, 15-9447-x, 15-9492-x, 15-9550-x, 15-9587-x, 15-9605-x, 15-9630-x, 15-9638-x, 15-9639-x, 15-9716-x, 15-9723-x, 15-9759-x, 15-9797-x, 15-9805-x, 15-9860-x, 15-9873-x, 15-9876-x, 15-9963-x, 16-0366-x, 16-0399-x, 16-0439-x, 16-0441-x, 16-0473-x, 16-0527-x, 16-0624-x, 16-0632-x, 16-0655-x, 16-0736-x, 16-0783-x, 16-0839-x, 16-0904-x, 16-0969-x, 16-1005-x, 16-1023-x, 16-1040-x, 16-1053-x, 16-1054-x, 16-1055-x, 16-1079-x, 16-1101-x, 16-1102-x, 16-1153-x, 16-1165-x, 17-1443-x, 17-1492-x, 17-1527-x, 17-1535-x, 17-1557-x, 17-1562-x, 17-1575-x, 17-1609-x, 17-1613-x, 17-1617-x, 17-1624-x, 17-1637-x, 17-1691-x, 17-1715-x, 17-1791-x.
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    Nationwide Distribution including OH, MA, GA, FL, NC, MS, MO, PA, IN, NJ, TX, KS, LA, NE, WA, AL, UT, AK, CA, IL, MN, MD, NY, and MI.
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    Syringe Bulb, 60 CC 50 pcs per case. || The products are used to inject fluids into, or withdraw fluids from the body. They are intended for use in the diagnosis of disease or other conditions or in the cure, mitigation, treatment or prevention of disease, or to affect the structure or any function of the body.
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    International Medsurg Connection, Inc., 935 N Plum Grove Rd Ste F, Schaumburg IL 60173-4770
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