Device Recall PowerPICC catheter

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    Product Code (Lot/Serial No.): S1274108D (REBN2334), S9274108D (REBN2336), S3274108PD (REBP1471), S3274335 (REBP1580), S3274355 (REBP1581), S3274355P (REBP1582), S3274335P (REBP1583), S1274108PD (REBP1971), S1274108 (REBQ1883), S3274355 (REBQ1884), S3274335 (REBQ1885), S3274108D (REBQ1886), S1274108D (REBQ1887), S9274108PD (REBQ1888), S0274108PD (REBQ1889), S3274335P (REBQ1890), S1274118 (REBQ1891), S9274108D (REBQ1892), S1274108D (REBR0160), S1274108D (REBN1883), S1173108D (REBN2329), S9173108D (REBN2332), S1274108PD (REBN2378), S9274108PD (REBN2379), S1173108PD (REBP0948), S3173335 (REBP0949), S3173355 (REBP0950), S9173108PD (REBP1020), s3173355p (REBP1023), S3173335P (REBP1024), S3274108D (REBQ1276), S1173108 (REBQ1882), S1173108 (REBQ2473), S1173108D (REBQ2474), S9173108D (REBQ2475), S1173108PD (REBQ2479), S0173108PD (REBR1399), S1173108PD (REBS0167), S3274108D (REBQ2476), S3173108PD (REBQ2480), S3173355 (REBQ2586), S3173335 (REBQ2587), s3173355p (REBQ2590), s3173108d (REBQ2592), S1173108PD (REBR1398), S0173108PD (REBS2081), S1274108D , REBS0062), S1274108D (REBS1035), S1274108D (REBS1567), S1274108D (REBR1347), S9274108D (REBQ2477), S3274355P (REBS0026), S3274335P (REBS0534), S3274335 (REBS0574), S3274355P (REBS1557), S3274355P (REBS2011), S3274355P (REBS2550), S1274108D (REBS2562), S1274118 (REBT0078), s1274108pd (REBT0146), S1274108PD (REBT0146), S3274355P (REBT0168), S3274355P (REBT0204), CK000765 (REBT0255), S1274108 (REBT0682), S0274108PD (REBT0697), S9274108D (REBT0754), S1274108D (REBT0755), S1274108PD (REBT0757), S3274335 (REBT0805), CK000765 (REBT0843), S9274108PD (REBT1446), S9274108 (REBT1885), CK000767 (REBT1889), S3274108PD (REBT2364), S9274108D (REBU0059), CK000767 (REBW1216), S3274355 (REBR1259), S3173355 (REBR1261), S1274108PD (REBR1345), S3274108PD (REBR1401), S1274108D (REBS0781), S3274355P (REBS0843), S1274108D (REBS1033), S1274108D (REBS2070), CK000759 (REBS2133), S3173355P (REBT0101), S3173335P (REBT0116), S3173355P (REBT0737), S3274335 (REBT1585), S1274108D (REBT1602), S3274355 (REBT1802), S3274108 (REBT1884), ck000770 (REBU0664), S9274108D (REBU0691), S1173108 (REBU1584), S9274108D (REBU1639), S1173108D (REBV0536), S1274108D (REBW0268), S3173108D (REBR1014), S1173108D (REBS1988), S3173108D (REBT0147), S9173108PD (REBT0234), S1173108D (REBT0240), S1173108D (REBT1398), S3173355P (REBT1801), S3173108 (REBT1882), S9173108 (REBT1883), S3173355P (REBT1948), S3173355P (REBU0082), S1173108D (REBU0293), S1173108D (REBU0690), S3173355P (REBU0714), S0173108PD (REBU1224), S3173355P (REBU1265), s9173108pd (REBU2255), S3173335P (REBV0052), S3173118 (REBV1102), S9173118 (REBV1103), S1173108PD (REBW1843), S3173108PD (REBX1664), s1173108 (REBT0688), S1274108D (REBU0296), S1274108D (REBU0765), S1274108 (REBU1047), S1274108D (REBU1271), S9173108D (REBU1640), S1274108PD (REBW0728), s3173355 (REBW1532), S1173108 (REBX1560), S1173108PD (REBX1663), S3173118 (REBY0008), S1173108D (REBY0782), S1173108PD (REBY0832), S0173108PD 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S1274108D (RECN0085), S1274108PD (RECN0939), S1274108 (RECN1068), CK000114A (RECQ0041), S3173335 (REBY1941), S1173108D (REBY1982), S9173108PD (REBZ0816), S1173108D (REBZ0838), S1173108PD (REBZ0840), S3173108PD (REBZ0960), S1173108PD (RECN0088), S1173108D , RECN1199), s1173108pd (RECN1200), S3173108PD (RECN1406), S1173108D (RECN2175), S1173108PD (RECN2177), S0173108PD (RECN2678), S1173108D (RECP0357), S1173108PD (RECP0594), S1173108 (RECP1895), S3173355 (RECP2311), S1274108D (REBY0518), S3274108D (REBY0834), S1274108PD (REBY2518), S1173108PD (REBY2740), S9274108PD (REBZ0815), s1274108pd (REBZ1718), S1274108PD , RECN0027), S1274108PD (RECN2563), S3274108D (REBX2246), S3274335 (REBY0879), S1274108D (REBY2013), S3274335 (RECN0888), S1274108D (RECN0938), S1274108D (RECN2573), S3274108D (RECN2679), S9274108D (RECP0358), S1274108D (RECP0590), S3274355 (RECP0846), S1274108PD (RECP2482), S3274108D (RECQ0417), S3274108D (REBY2517), S1274108D (REBY2739), S3274355 (REBZ0494), S3274335 (REBZ0681), S3274108D (REBZ0839), S1274108D (REBZ0885), S1274108D (REBZ1625), S1274108 (REBZ1678), S1274108D (RECN1381), S1274108D (RECN2461), S3274108D (RECP0591), S9274108PD (RECP1511), S3274355 (REBZ1826), S3274108D (RECN0023), S9274108D (RECN0084), S9274108D (RECN1403), S1173108 (REBY1170)
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    Distribution US nationwide.
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    PowerPICC Provena Catheters, as 3 Fr. Single lumen and 4 Fr. Dual Lumen. Packaged in a poly tray with Tyvek lid within a header bag configuration or a breather bag configuration.
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    Bard Access Systems Inc., 605 N 5600 W, Salt Lake City UT 84116-3738
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