Device Recall Sara Active Sling Standard

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    item KK53210.0 - model KA1210 (with safety), with production dates of September 2006 through December 2006. The tag on the sling will state the item number and have the year ''06'' hole-punched in the top line ''Y'', and either the month ''09'', ''10'', ''11'' or ''12'' hole-punched in the third line ''M''.
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    Sara Active Sling - Standard; item KK53210.0 - model KA1210 (with safety); manufactured by Medibo Medical Products NV, Hanmont, Achel, Belgium, distributed by Arjo Inc., Roselle, IL 60172
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    Arjo, Inc., 50 Gary Ave Ste A, Roselle IL 60172-1684
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