Device Recall Vital Signs Breathing Circuits

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    PartNumber : 4S78XX00,155512,155518,156505,156545,1576162,1576214,542011,542021,542031,1553196,1572347,1553402,156205,156310,1574701,1574710,1574711,1574712,1574723,1572414,A4JXXXXX,6463,C311123X,C6X1XX1X,207002,C316123X,1560023,201814,1730327,20CF800C,C116123X,1570103,20CT8050,1577112,1552016,A4JXOXXX,CXX61X2X,1552017,1552018,20CT8048,20CT8055,M1171508,M1181639,1552020,M1162025,155200EU,1552017CN,1574792,M1171508VS,M1181639VS,1552026,1552027,1552028,
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    Worldwide Distribution - USA (nationwide) including Puerto Rico; and Internationally to: Belgium, Canada, Chile, Mexico, Costa Rica, Kuwait, United Kingdom, Greece, Czech Republic, Latvia, Turkey, China, France, Italy, Brazil, Korea, Germany, Thailand, Egypt, Austria, Dominican Republic, India, Israel, Colombia, Japan, Netherlands, Venezula, Saudi Arabia, Argentina, Malaysia, Sweden, Lebanon, South Korea, Finland, United Arab Emirates, Taiwan, Panama, Uruguay, Singapore, Hong Kong, Ecuador, Peru, Oman, Spain, Lithuania, and South Africa.
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    Vital Signs Anesthesia Circuits || The Ventilator Circuit is intended for use as an interface between a ventilator dependent patient and a ventilator. The Anesthesia Circuit is intended to administer medical gases to a patient during anesthesia. The CPAP Circuit is intended to increase the airway pressure of a patient.
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    Vital Signs Colorado Inc., 11039 East Lansing Circle, Englewood CO 80112-5909
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