Hospira GemStar Docking Station

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    List Number 13075-04-01, batch numbers 15047G1, 15048G1, 15050G1, 17100G1, 19140G1, 19142G1, 19157G1, 20165G1, 20180G1, 21183G1, 21196G1, 21197G1, 62001L2, 63001L2, 68002L2, 69002L2, 73002L2 and 78001L2; List Number 13075-04-03, batch numbers 26289G1, 27314G1, 27324G1, 30375G1, 34499G1, 34601G1, 34603G1, 34605G1, 34606G1, 34608G1, 35615G1, 40764G1, 40765G1, 40766G1 and 41804G1; List Number 13075-04-05, batch numbers 41802G1, 44848G1, 44854G1, 45879G1, 45879G101, 45879G1R, 45884G1, 46910G1, 47916G1, 47936G1, 48960G1, 51031G1, 51032G1, 60285G1, 84824G1, 84827G1, 84831G1 and 85844G1;  List number 13075-04-07, batch numbers 75679G1, 7698G1, 77698G101, 77715G1, 77715G101, 78734G1, 80774G1, 81784G1, 82789G1 and 87880G1;  List number 13075-24-01, batch numbers 10899G1, 10910G1, 10917G1, 10930G1, 14010G1, 15046G1, 16060G1, 19141G1, 19144G1, 19145G1, 19146G1, 19147G1, 19148G1, 19149G1, 20171G1, 21191G1, 21203G1, 26289G1, 64001L2, 68001L2, 69001L2, 71001L2 and 73001L2;  List number 13075-24-03, batch numbers 26289G1, 26294G1, 27325G1, 31397G1, 35620G1, 35621G1, 36634G1, 36636G1, 36638G1, 37667G1, 39739G1, 41786G1, 54114G1, 74001L2, 78002L2, 80001L2, 82001L2, 85308G1, 86319G1, 87340G1, 88358G1, 88366G1, 90442G1 and 92486G1; List number 13075-24-05, batch numbers 19141G1, 45878G1, 47915G1, 48961G1, 50020G1, 51021G1, 51022G1, 51028G1, 51030G1, 53081G1, 53082G1, 54098G1, 54113G1, 54114G1, 55125G1, 55126G1, 55135G1, 56158G1, 56170G1, 59230G1, 59231G1, 60258G1, 60272G1, 60284G1, 61307G1, 63318G1, 64345G1, 64354G1, 73634G1, 73636G1, 74647G1, 84828G1, 84828G1R, 84830G1 and 84830G1R;  List number 130752407, batch numbers 75680G1, 75681G1, 75682G1, 76686G1, 77694G1, 77694G1R, 77695G1, 77695G1R, 77696G1, 77697G1, 77712G1, 77712G1R, 77713G1, 77714G1, 78735G1, 78735G1R, 78736G1, 78736G1R, 78737G1, 80775G1, 80775G1R, 82799G1, 82799G1R, 82802G1, 82802G1R, 93962G1, 93962G1R, 94973G1, 94973G1R, 95981G1, 95981G1R, 95985G1, 95985G1R, 96004G1, 96004G1R, 96989G1, 96989G1R, 96996G1, 96996G1R, 97013G1, 97013G1R, 97017G1 and 97017G1R
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    Worldwide Distribution-USA (nationwide) and the countries of Australia, Belgium, Canada, Chile, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Jordan, the Netherlands, Portugal, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Spain, Sweden and Switzerland.
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    GemStar Li-Ion Docking Station; a lithium ion battery powered docking station for use with GemStar Infusion Pumps; Hospira, Inc., Lake Forest, IL 60045; List Numbers 13075-04-01, 13075-04-03, 13075-04-05, 13075-04-07, 13075-24-01, 13075-24-03, 13075-24-05 and 13075-24-07, Note: list numbers with xxxxx-04-xx are for U.S., Canada, Japan, Netherlands and Singapore, while those with xxxxx-24-xx are for international distribution only. || The docking station for the GemStar pump is used to provide an alternate power source, acting either as a direct current battery backup, or as an alternating current power source when the docking station is plugged into AC power. The docking station also serves as a stand in which to place the GemStar during pump operation.
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    Hospira Inc., 275 N Field Dr, Lake Forest IL 60045-2579
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