FDP Plasma kit provides reagents for the detection and semi-quantitation of fibrin/fibrinogen degradation products (FDP) in plasma through the use of latex particles coated with monoclonal antibodies to FDP. || The kit contains: 1 x1.3 mL vial of Reagent 1 (Latex), 1 x 20mL bottle of Reagent 2 (Buffer), 1 x 0.5mL vial of Reagent 3 (Negative Control), 1 x 0.5mL vial of Reagent 4 (Positive Control) and 10 test cards with mixing rods packaged in a predominantly white cardboard unit container. || Distributed in the USA by Diagnostica Stago, Five Century Drive, Parsippany, NJ 07054.


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    Diagnostica Stago, Inc., 5 Century Dr, Parsippany NJ 07054-4607
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