Minotrol 16

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    Model Numbers: 2043748, 2043752, 2043756, Lot Number: MX090(Levels Low, Normal, and High).
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    Nationwide Distribution
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    Minotrol 16, Model Numbers: 2043748, 2043752, 2043756, Lot Number: MX090(Levels: Low, Normal, and High). || Minotrol 16 is a tri-level control intended for in vitro diagnostic use in monitoring the accuracy and precision on HORIBA Medical hematology blood cell counters using HORIBA Medical reagents. Minotrol 16 is an in vitro diagnostic reagent composed of human erythrocytes, mammalian leukocytes, and platelets in a plasma-like fluid with preservatives. Minotrol 16 is a stable material that provides a means of determining the accuracy and precision of hematology blood cell counters. It is handled in the same manner as a patient specimen. The assay tables are determined on validated instruments using the appropriate reagents
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    Horiba Instruments, Inc dba Horiba Medical, 34 Bunsen, Irvine CA 92618-4210
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    2042202 | MX078N
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    IVD: Reagents, Quality Control, Other
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