Device Recall AtheNA MultiLyte MMV Test System AtheNA MultiLyte MMRV Test System A93111G

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    11120087 11120165  11110125 : (This is an amendment to add the additional lot 11110125 which was left off.. This amendment was made on 6/6/2012.)
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    Nationwide distribution.
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    AtheNA Multi-Lyte MMV Test System- A93111G || A microparticle-based immunoassay intended for the qualitative presumptive detection of IgG class antibody to the Mumps virus in human serum using the AtheNA Multi-Lyte Test System. The test system is intended to be used for determination of a previous infection with the Mumps virus.
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    Zeus Scientific, Inc., 200 Evans Way, Branchburg NJ 08876-3767
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