Device Recall VersaTREK Automated Microbial Detection System

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    Serial numbers: 0169039201140624, 0169040501140626, 0169050101141007, 0169068601141216, 0169078101150213, 2163X1013, 2164X1013, 2165X1013, 2166X1013, 2167X1013, 2168X1013, 2169X1013, 2170X1013, 2171X1013, 2172X1013, 2173X1013, 2174X1013, 2175X1013, 2176X1013, 2177X1013, 2178X1013, 2179X1013, 2180X1013, 2181X1013, 2182X1013, 2183X1013, 2184X1013, 2185X1013, 2186X1013, 2187X1013, 2188X1013, 2189X1013, 2190X1013, 2191X1013, 2192X1113, 2193X1113, 2194X1113, 2195X1113, 2196X1113, 2199X1113, 2201X1113, 2202X1113, 2203X1113, 2204X1113, 2205X1113, 2206X1113, 2207X1113, 2208X1113, 2209X1113, 2210X1113, 2211X1113, 2212X1113, 2213X1113, 2214X1113, 2216X1113, 2217X1113, 2218X1213, 2219X1213, 2220X1213, 2221X1213, 2222X1213, 2223X1213, 2224X1213, 2225X1213, 2226X1213, 2227X1213, 2228X1213, 2229X1213, 2230X1213, 2231X1213, 2232X1213, 2233X1213, 2234X1213, 2235X1213, 2237X1213, 2238X1213, 2239X1213, 2240X1213, 2241X1213, 2242X1213, 2243X1213, 2245X1213, 2249X0114, 2250X0114, 2251X0114, 2252X0114, 2253X0114, 2254X0114, 2255X0114, 2256X0114, 2257X0114, 2261X0114, 2262X0114, 2263X0114, 2264X0114, 2268X0114, 2269X0114, 2276X0214, 2277X0214, 2278X0214, 2279X0214, 2280X0214, 2281X0214, 2282X0214, 2286X0214, 2287X0214, 2288X0214, 2289X0214, 2290X0214, 2306X0714, 2307X0714, 2309X0714, 2311X0714, 2312X0714, 2314X0714, 2315X0714, 2316X0714, 2317X0714, 2318X0714, 2320X0714, 2321X0814, 2322X0814, 2323X0814, 2330X0814, 2332X0814, 2333X0814, 2334X0814, 2336X0814, 2337X0814, 2338X0814, 2339X0814, 2340X0814, 2342X0814, 2345X0914, 2346X0914, 2347X0914, 2348X0914, 2349X0914, 2352X0914, 2353X0914, 2359X0914, 2365X0914, and 2366X0914;
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    Worldwide distribution: US (nationwide) to states of AZ, CO, FL, GA, IA, ID, LA, MI, MO, PR, TN, TX, VA, and WA and the countries of Canada, People's Republic of China, Egypt, Finland, France, Indonesia, Israel, Jordan, Kenya, Republic of Korea, Latvia, Romania, Russia, Spain, Thailand, United Kingdom, Uruguay, and Vietnam.
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    VersaTREK Instrument Series 240 REF 6240, Manufactured for Remel Inc. || The VersaTREK System is for cultivating and recovering microorganisms, especially bacteria and yeasts, from blood and other normally sterile bodily fluids.
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    Remel Inc, 12076 Santa Fe Trail Dr, Lenexa KS 66215-3519
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