• Modelo / Serial
    7100A Lot 108166C 7100B, Lot 108166B 7100C, Lot 108166A 7100D, Lot 108166A 7100CAR, lot 108166B 108-1, Lot 108166B
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    Worldwide Distribution - US Distribution to the states of : AR, CA, CT, FL, GA, ID, IL, IN, MD, ME, MI, NC, ND, NY, OH, OR, TX, TN, UT, VA, WI. and to the countries of : CANADA, UK, ISRAEL, MEXICO, AUSTRALIA, COLOMBIA, TAIWAN, BRAZIL, CHILE and INDONESIA.
  • Descripción del producto
    Tryptic Soy Agar, Acumedia PN 7100 || 500g, 2Kg, 10Kg, and 50Kg sizes
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  • Dirección del fabricante
    Acumedia Manufacturers, Inc., 740 E Shiawassee St, Lansing MI 48912-1218
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