Device Recall Integra Large Rickham Style Reservoir

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    1094085, 1101479, 1101647, 1102403, 1102807, 1104174, 1110043, 1120817, 1130797, 1131331, 1131660
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    Worldwide Distribution - USA including FL, NE, WI, WA, CT, ND, AL, NY, NH, OR, OK, MN, and TX. Internationally to Belgium, Czech Republic, Germany, France, Great Britian, Italy, Poland, and Portugal.
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    Integra Large Rickham -Style Reservoir || Rx Only Sterile for Single Use Only || Integra NeuroSciences 311 Enterprise Drive Plainsboro, NJ 08536 USA Made in the USA || NL 850-1132 || Provides access to the lateral cerebral ventricles via hypodermic puncture. It is useful in obtaining CSF (cerebral spinal fluid_ samples for cytological and chemical studies, for monitoring ventricular fluid pressure and for ventricular drainage. The reservoir provides easy access to the lateral ventricles and to cystic tumors for the injections of chemotherapeutic agents and/or radio-isotopes. The rickham reservoir may be utilized in hydrocephalic patients as a component in systems designed to shunt CSF from the lateral ventricles into either the right atrium of the heart of the peritoneum.
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