Device Recall Medtronic Activa Deep Brain Stimulation System

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    All serial numbers and Lot codes are affected.
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    Nationwide and OUS to includeCanada, Europe, Middle East, Africa, Japan, Asia-Pacific, Australia - New Zealand, Latan America
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    Medtronic Activa Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS) system including the following system components: Model 7424 Itrel II Neurostimulator (DBS applications only); Model 7426 Soletra Neurostimulator; Model 7428 Kinetra Neurostimulator; Models 3387, 3389 DBS Leads; and Models 7482,7495 DBS Extensions. Medtronic, Inc. 710 Medtronic Parkway, Minneapolis, MN 55432-5604, USA. The Medtronic Activa System is an implantable, multiprogrammable system that delivers electrical stimulation to selected areas of the brain. The Neurostimulator generates electrical signals that are transmitted to the brain. These signals are delivered from the neurostimulator to the brain via Extension and Lead. These components comprise the implantable portion of the Activa System.
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    Medtronic Inc, Neurological & Spinal Division, 800 53rd Ave Ne, Columbia Heights MN 55421-1241
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