Device Recall STRYKER NAVIGATION SYSTEM iNtellect Cranial Navigation Software Enable

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    Verisions 1.0 and 1.1; all batches: J3H00F3002; J4H00F3002; and L5M00F3003
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    Worldwide Distribution -- USA, Canada, Mexico, Australia, Argentina, Brazil, United Kingdom, Japan, Poland, S. Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan, India, and New Zealand.
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    Stryker Navigation System - iNtellect Cranial Navigation Software - Enable, Part number 6000-651-300. It is part of the product series of the Stryker Navigation System. The system comprises software for pre-operative surgical planning and supports computer assisted surgery based on a wireless optical tracking localization device for the use in navigated cranial surgery. It includes automatic multi-modality correlation. The system provides an easy-to-use work flow concept for image importation, FESS, Craniotomy, Biopsy, etc. Additional, automatic segmentation of brain surface, tumor, vessels, etc. are supported.
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    Stryker Instruments Division of Stryker Corporation, 4100 East Milham Ave., Kalamazoo MI 49001
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