AC Adaptor Article 9207010

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    Article #9207010 Transformer (The transformer can be found as an individual item shipped with the products listed below) a) 57018W Kit PNSA W/O Bat PK WIC b) 57027 Kit PNSA Shoulder Bag c) 57027-03 Kit PNSA Shoulder Bag CS/3 d) 57027POP Display PNSA e) 57027T Kit PNSA w/Battery Pack f) 57036 Kit PNSA Metro g) 57036-03 Kit PNSA Black Metro h) 57036T 57036-03 Metro Tagged i) 57038 Pump ADV POP Medical Ast. j) 57043 57043 PNSA Without Kit k) 57045W Kit PNSA W/BAT PK WIC l) 57045WT KIT PNSA WIC W/BAT PK m) 57046 PNSA Tote without Kit n) 57062 Kit PNSA Backpack o) 57062-03 Kit PNSA Backpack CAl3 p) 57062T Kit PNSA Tagged Backpack q) 57063 PNSA Tote r) 57063-03 PNSA Tote 3-Pack s) 57063T PNSA Tote Tagged t) 6007113 Kit Motor Replacement Metro 2008
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    Worldwide Distribution - Nationwide Distribution and Puerto Rico and countries of Canada, Bermuda, Cayman Islands, Hong Kong and Haiti. CHI-DO proposes phone call audit checks of 2 consumers, 2 retailers and 1 hospital account by each district.
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    AC Power Adaptor (transformer), TENPAO Model U090100Q31; used with the Pump In Style Advanced family of breast pumps; Medela Inc., McHenry, IL 60051-0650; Made in China; Article #9207010. || Converting 120 Volt AC power to 9 Volt DC power used for providing power to the Pump In Style Advanced Breast pumps.
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    Medela Inc, 1101 Corporate Dr, Mchenry IL 60050-7006
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