Device Recall Gynecare Thermachoice III

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    TC003 (US Only) TC013 (US Only) TC033 (OUS Only) TC043 (OUS Only).   Code, Batch: TC04320, GMMG07; TC00320, GMMG08; TC00320, GMMG09; TC00320, GMMG10; TC04320, GMMG11; TC03320, GPMG01; TC04320, GPMG02; TC00320, GPMG03; TC00320, GPMG04; TC00320, GPMG05; TC01320, GPMG06; TC04320, GPMG07; TC03320, GPMG08; TC04320, GPMG09; TC00320, GPMG10; TC00320, GPMG11; TC00320, HAMG01; TC00320, HAMG02; TC03320, HAMG03; TC04320, HAMG04; TC00320, HAMG05; TC00320, HAMG06; TC00320, HAMG07; TC00320, HAMG08; TC01320, HAMG09; TC03320, HAMG10; TC04320, HAMG11; TC04320, HAMG12; TC00320, HAMG13; TC00320, HAMG14; TC00320, HBMG01; TC00320, HBMG02; TC04320, HBMG03; TC04320, HBMG04; TC03320, HBMG05; TC00320, HBMG06; TC00320, HBMG07; TC04320, HBMG08; TC03320, HBMG09; TC00320, HBMG10; TC00320, HCMG01; TC00320, HCMG02; TC00320, HCMG03; TC00320, HCMG04; TC04320, HCMG05; TC04320, HCMG06; TC03320, HDMG01; TC00320, HDMG02; TC00320, HDMG03; TC00320, HDMG04; TC00320, HDMG05; TC03320, HEMG01; TC04320, HEMG02; TC01320, HEMG03; TC00320, HEMG05; TC00320, HEMG06; TC00320, HEMG07; TC00320, HEMG08; TC04320, HEMG09; TC04320, HGMG01; TC03320, HGMG02; TC00320, HGMG03; TC00320, HGMG04; TC00320, HGMG05; TC00320, HGMG06; TC00320, HGMG07; TC04320, HGMG08; TC04320, HGMG09; TC04320, HGMG10; TC00320, HHMG01; TC00320, HHMG02; TC00320, HHMG03; TC00320, HHMG04; TC03320, HHMG05; TC04320, HHMG06; TC00320, HHMG08; TC00320, HHMG09; TC00320, HHMG10; TC04320, HHMG07; TC00320, HHMG11; TC00320, HHMG12; TC00320, HJMG02; TC00320, HJMG03; TC00320, HJMG04; TC00320, HJMG05; TC00320, HJMG06; TC01320, HJMG07; TC03320, HJMG08; TC04320, HJMG09; TC04320, HJMG10; TC00320, HJMG11; TC00320, HJMG12; TC00320, HJMG13; TC04320, HKMG01; TC00320, HJMG14; TC04320, HKMG02; TC03320, HKMG03; TC00320, HKMG04; TC00320, HKMG05; TC00320, HKMG06; TC04320, HKMG07; TC03320, HKMG08; TC00320, HKMG10; TC00320, HKMG09; TC00320, HKMG11; TC00320, HLMG01; TC00320, HLMG02; TC00320, HLMG03; TC01320, HLMG04; TC04320, HLMG05; TC03320, HLMG06; TC00320, HLMG07; TC00320, HLMG08; TC00320, HLMG09; TC04320, HLMG10; TC03320, HMMG01; TC04320, HMMG02; TC00320, HMMG03; TC00320, HMMG04; TC04320, HMMG05; TC00320, HMMG06; TC00320, HMMG07; TC00320, HPMG01; TC00320, HPMG02; TC04320, HPMG04; TC03320, HPMG03; TC04320, HPMG05; TC00320, HPMG06; TC00320, HPMG07; TC00320, JAMG01; TC00320, JAMG02; TC04320, JAMG03; TC00320, JAMG05; TC00320, JAMG04; TC01320, JAMG06; TC00320, JAMG07; TC04320, JAMG08; TC00320, JAMG10; TC03320, JAMG09; TC00320, JAMG11; TC00320, JBMG01; TC04320, JBMG02; TC04320, JBMG03; TC03320, JBMG04; TC00320, JBMG05; TC00320, JBMG06; TC00320, JBMG07; TC04320, JBMG08; TC00320, JBMG09; TC00320, JBMG10; TC00320, JBMG11; TC04320, JCMG01; TC03320, JCMG02; TC00320, JCMG03; TC00320, JCMG04; TC01320, JCMG05; TC04320, JDMG01; TC00320, JDMG02; TC00320, JDMG03; TC00320, JDMG04; TC04320, JDMG05; TC00320, JDMG06; TC04320, JDMG07; TC00320, JEMG01; TC00320, JEMG02; TC00320, JEMG03; TC00320, JEMG04; TC03320, JEMG05; TC00320, JGMG02; TC04320, JGMG03; TC03320, JGMG04; TC00320, JGMG05; TC00320, JGMG09; TC04320, JGMG10; TC04313, JGMG14; TC04320, JGMG15; TC00320, JGMG16; TC03320, JGMG17; TC00320, JGMG18; TC00320, JHMG02; TC04320, JHMG05; TC00320, JHMG03; TC04320, JHMG04; TC00320, JHMG06; TC00320, JHMG07; TC00320, JHMG08; TC00320, JHMG09; TC00320, JHMG10; TC04320, JHMG11; TC00320, JHMG12; TC03320, JJMG01; TC00320, JJMG02; TC00320, JJMG04; TC00320, JJMG05; TC01320, JJMG06; TC00320, JJMG07; TC03313, JJMG08; TC00320, JJMG09; TC04313, JKMG02; TC00320, JKMG01; TC03313, JKMG03; TC00320, JKMG04; TC00320, JKMG05; TC00320, JKMG06; TC00320, JKMG08; TC04313, JLMG01; TC00320, JLMG02; TC00320, JLMG04; TC03313, JLMG05; and TC00320, JLMG06. As of 1/8/2016, 5 Additional lots (US Only - JKMG01, JKMG04 and JKMG05; OUS Only - JKMG02 and JKMG03) were found to be affected by this field action.
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    Worldwide Distribution: US (nationwide) including Puerto Rico and countries of: India, Belgium, Argentina, Mexico, Brazil, Canada, Colombia, Ecuador, Singapore, Aruba and Venezuela.
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    Gynecare Thermachoice III Uterine Balloon Therapy System Ethicon, Inc. || The GYNECARE THERMACHOICE¿ III Uterine Balloon Therapy (UBT) System is a thermal balloon ablation device intended to ablate the endometrial lining of the uterus in pre-menopausal women with menorrhagia (excessive uterine bleeding) due to benign causes for whom childbearing is complete.
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    Ethicon, Inc., US Highway 22 West, Somerville NJ 08876
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