Device Recall Vacutainer Tubes

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    Part Number/Product Number  ILEY029-01 ULKY005-14 LOUS015-03 DNAZ017-01  ILEY029-02 SERA003-07 TENN016-05 DONS008-05 EVER007 SERA005-07 LANC029-06 STLM007-10 CCHM024-03  Part Number/Product Number  LANC015-27 CCHM027-04 STLM003-11 ABIN137-01 ABIN110-01 LANC015-28 MONT045-03 ILEY003-53 NAFB015-07 ILEY014-21 ILEY034-04 ILEY034-05  Part Number/Product Number  AV10654-10 ILEY014-22 EVER010 EVER001 SOHS016-03 SSHH118-03 SSHH117-06 SOHS017-03 HCMH009-05 WIME023-08 TUFT040-05  Part Number/Product Number  TUFT039-08 HCMH009-06 GIFT022-01 TUFT040-06 PCHM004-07 HLDH008-04 WHWC005-17 PCHM008-04 LANC015-25 PCHM011-03
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    All products are distributed through distribution centers confined to the US. All end-users for these products are also solely located in the US.
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    Vacutainer Tubes || Vacutainer tubes are intended for clinical laboratory hematology studies including but not limited to lead level testing, FEP level testing, and CBC testing.
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    Avid Medical, Inc., 9000 Westmont Dr, Toano VA 23168-9351
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