Device Recall COMPLETE Amino Moist MultiPurpose Solution

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    All Lots (154 lots in Japan).    Each product is clearly identified with a lot number and expiration date, which is displayed on either the outer top or bottom panel of the unit carton and on two case labels on the case shipper. In addition, each bottle is clearly identified with a lot number and expiration date.  The first digit of the lot number denotes the identification of the AMO manufacturing site, Z = Hangzhou, China, A = Alcobendas, Spain.  The second digit denotes the year of manufacture (A= 2005, B = 2006, C = 2007) per AMO Standard Operating Procedure.  The third through the seventh digits denote the sequential number of production orders produced in either the Hangzhou, China or Alcobendas, Spain facility in that year, starting with 00001. Note that several product lines use this lot numbering system in each facility, so the sequential numbering is not unique to any specific product or formulation.  As an example, ZB01234, the lot number represents the 1,234th production order initiated in the Hangzhou, China facility in 2006.
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    Worldwide including USA, Canada, Europe, Japan, China and various Asia Pacific countries (to include Hong Kong, Australia, New Zealand, Korea, Vietnam, Singapore, India, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Taiwan, Malaysia, Pakistan and the Philippines).
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    COMPLETE Amino Moist Multi-Purpose Solution (JAPAN only brand), Formula 9451X, Product Numbers:93323JA, 93324JA, 93325JA, 93326JA, 93327JA, 93328JA, 93329JA, 93330JA, 93331JA, 93332JA, 93333JA, 93334JA, 93335JA, 93336JA & 93337JA
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    Advanced Medical Optics, Inc., 1700 E Saint Andrew Pl, Santa Ana CA 92705-4933
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