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    Lot Numbers: 07BHU0004E, 07CHU0010E, 07DHU0025D, 07DHU0025E, 07LHU0004J, 07LHU0004K, 07LHU0004L, 07LHU0004M ,08AHU0004J, 08BHU0019G, 08BM20807A, 08CHU0016G, 08CHU0018F, 08FM15736B, 08JHU0008B, 08LHU0020G, 08MHU0026C, 09BHU0031E, 09BHU0031F, 09BHU0031G, 09CHU0044D, 09DHU0019, 09DHU0019B, 09DHU0036, 09DHU0036C, 09DHU0036D, 09DHU0036E, 09DHU0036F, 09EHU0003, 09EHU0003A, 09EHU0003B, 09EHU0003C, 09EHU0003D, 09EHU0003E, 09EHU0003F, 09EHU0007, 09EHU0007A, 09EHU0007B, 09EHU0007C, 09EHU0007D, 09EHU0013, 09EHU0013A, 09EHU0013B, 09EHU0013C, 09EHU0013D, 09EHU0013E, 09EHU0013F, 09FHU0005, 09FHU0005A, 09FHU0033, 09FHU0033B, 09FHU0033C, 09FHU0033D, 09FHU0033F, 09FHU0033G, 09FHU0033H, 09GM06174A, 09GM14035, 09HHU0008, 09HHU0010, 09HHU0010A, 09HHU0010B, 09HHU0010C, 09HHU0010D, 09HHU0010E, 09HHU0010F, 09HM12199, 09HM12202, 09HM17431, 09KHU0001, 09KHU0001A, 09KHU0001B, 09KHU0001C, 09KHU0001D, 09KHU0001E, 09KHU0001G, 09KHU0001H, 09KHU0001P, 09KHU0010, 09KHU0010A, 09KHU0010B, 09LM10792, 09MM01112A, 10AM02971, 10BHU0007, 10BHU0007A, 10BHU0007B, 10BHU0007C, 10BHU0007D, 10BHU0007F, 10BHU0007G, 10BHU0010, 10BHU0010A, 10BHU0010M, 10BHU0018, 10BHU0018A, 0BHU0018B, 10BHU0018C, 10BHU0018D, 10BHU0018E, 10BHU0018F, 10EHU0013, 10EHU0013A, 10EHU0013B, 10FM16220, 11CHU0015A, 11CHU0015B, 11CHU0015C, 11DHU0003, 11DHU0003A, 11DHU0005, 11DHU0005A, 11DHU0005B, 11HHU0027, 11HHU0030, 11HHU0031, 11HHU0031B, 11HHU0032, 11HHU0034, 11JHU0006, 11JHU0007, 11JHU0008, 11JHU0009, 11JHU0010, 11JHU0024, 11JHU0024A, 11KHU0007, 11KHU0016, 11LHU0004, 11LHU0005, 11LHU0005A, 11LHU0007, 11LHU0008, 11LHU0011, 11LHU0011A, 11LHU0012, 11LHU0027, 11LHU0027A, 11LHU0027C, 11LHU0027X, 11LHU0034, 11LHU0035, 11MHU0005, 11MHU0005A, 11MHU0005D, 1MHU0017, 11MM11935, 11MNG0008, 11MNG0008A, 11MNG0008B, 11MNG0009, 11MNG0009A, 11MNG0009C, 11MNG0018, 11MNG0018D, 11MNG0018E, 11MNG0025, 11MNG0025N, 11MNG0025P, 12AHU0001, 12AHU0001B, 12AHU0001C, 12AHU0014, 12BHU0010, 12BHU0010B, 12BHU0011, 12BHU0011A, 12BHU0025, 12BHU0025A, 12BHU0025B, 12BHU0025E, 12BHU0025G, 477420-14A
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    Worldwide Distribution - USA (nationwide) and the countries of Australia, Malaysia, Germany, Japan, Portugal, United Arab Emirates, Spain, France, South Africa, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Switzerland, Belgium, China, The Netherlands, Finland, Mexico, Italy, UK, Venezuela, Colombia, Thailand, Chile, South Korea, India, and Turkey
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    2.0 MM DRILL BIT, REF 71173501, QTY: (1), STERILE R, Smith & Nephew, Inc., Memphis, TN 38116 || Orthopedic surgical device.
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    Smith & Nephew Inc, 1450 E. Brooks Rd, Memphis TN 38116
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