Device Recall Cannulated Screw Countersink

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    Lot numbers 1362-01 and 1364-01
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    US Nationwide Distribution in the states of: NY, CT, TN, TX, OH, IN, LA, NC, MO, MN, GA, FL, SC, WA, WI, IA, PA, CA, ND, OK, NJ, MI and MD.
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    2.0/2.4 Cannulated Screw Countersink Part # 210-24-002 NON-STERILE and 3.0/4.0 Cannulated Screw Countersink Part # 210-40-002 NON-STERILE || Product Usage: || The Tiger Cannulated Screw Fixation System implants are intended for fixation of fractures, non-unions, arthrodesis, and osteotomies of the small bones in the hand and foot. The implants and guide wires are intended for single use only.
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    Trilliant Surgical Ltd., 6721 Portwest Dr Ste 160, Houston TX 77024-8019
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