Device Recall DriLok Disposable Cannula

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    Lot numbers 08135AG2 through 08294AG2.
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    Worldwide Distribution --- including USA and countries of Australia, Brazil, Canada, Chile, China, France, Germany, Greece, India, Italy, New Zealand, Poland, Portugal, Sweden, Spain, Singapore, Switzerland, and UK.
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    Dri-Lok Disposable Cannula, Part numbers 3910-075-500, 3910-075-501, 3910-075-502, 3910-075-650, 3910-075-651, 3910-075-652, 3910-075-800, 3910-075-801, 3910-075-802, 3910-090-500, 3910-090-502, 3910-090-650, 3910-090-652, 3910-090-800, and 3910-090-802. || The obturator is used to create an opening into the patient's joint and is removed after the cannula is inserted. The cannula then allows instruments and scopes access to the joint while maintaining a seal against the loss of saline fluid used to keep the joint clean. The seal is formed by two elastomeric valves. The first controls loss of water when there is no instrument or scope therein, while the second provides a seal when the cannula is in use. The valves operate automatically. || Manufactured by Stryker Endoscopy Puerto Rico
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    Stryker Endoscopy, 5900 Optical Ct, San Jose CA 95138-1400
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