Device Recall Rotate, BulletTip, TPlus, Contact, Crossfuse, and CrossFuse II, Interbody Fusion/Vertebral Body Re

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    Part Number: 32-13-32 Lot: 200827 Expiration Date: 2019-12-18 Part Number: 30-T-13-6 Lot: 202726 Expiration Date: 2020-01-16  Part Number: 30-T-1036-13-6 Lot: 202582 Expiration Date: 2020-01-15
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    US Distribution to the states of : FL and NY
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    Bullet-Tip PEEK VBR/IBF System, 32mm(l) 13mm(H) Implant 32-13-32 UDI (01)008464680341 08(17)191218(10)200827; T-Plus PEEK VBR/IBF System, 10mm(W) x 27mm(l) x 13mm(H) Implant, 6degree lordotic 30-T-13-6 UDI (01) 00846468032920(17) 200116(10) 202726; and T-Plus PEEK VBR/IBF System, 10mm(W) x 36 mm(l) x 13mm(H) Implant, 6degree lordotic 30-T-1036-13-6 UDI (01)00846468032760(17)200115(10)202582. These products are part of the lnterbody Fusion Vertebral || Body Replacement System to ensure stability of the spine and adequate compression of the implant.
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    RTI Surgical, Inc. (dba Pioneer Surgical Technology, Inc.), 375 River Park Cir, Marquette MI 49855-1781
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