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    Lot Number 14GSM0440A
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    US, Belgium, Ecuador, Netherlands, Puerto Rico, Switzerland, Thailand
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    smith&nephew; LEGION L-WEDGE, 10 MM DIS X 5 MM POS, SIZE 4, SCREW-ON FEMORAL WEDGE, REF 71421733, STERILE R || Product The Revision Knee System Components are indicated for rheumatoid arthritis; post-traumatic arthritis; osteoarthritis; degenerative arthritis; and failed osteotomies, hemiarthroplasties; unicompartmental replacement; or total knee arthroplasties. The components are designed for use in primary and revision surgery, where the posterior cruciate ligament and one or both of the collateral ligaments (i.e., medial collateral and/or lateral collateral ligament) are absent or incompetent. The Revision Knee Components are for single use only and are intended for implantation with bone cement.
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    Smith & Nephew, Inc., 1450 E Brooks Rd, Memphis TN 38116-1804
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