Device Recall QuietCare

  • Modelo / Serial
    Affected Serial Numbers: liqc.018778, liqc.020447, liqc.020428, liqc.024472, liqc.027039, liqc.024195, liqc.026718, liqc.023495, liqc.027065, liqc.024252, liqc.018722, liqc.024377, liqc.019808, liqc.017029, liqc.017310, liqc.026701, liqc.024190, liqc.019075, liqc.027351, liqc.023253, liqc.019497, liqc.019215, liqc.019217, liqc.017965, liqc.020530, liqc.024293, liqc.021530, liqc.026353, liqc.017900, liqc.019915, liqc.018447, liqc.021086, liqc.027072, liqc.023241, liqc.018169, liqc.017876, liqc.022049, liqc.026409, liqc.018126, liqc.019519,  liqc.017579, liqc.018271, liqc.017531, liqc.017532, liqc.018255, liqc.023888,  liqc.023340, liqc.023343, liqc.023342, liqc.018534, liqc.018536, liqc.018256,  liqc.017532, liqc.019582, liqc.021064, liqc.020981, liqc.021944, liqc.021764,  liqc.021284, liqc.017741, liqc.017738, liqc.024298, liqc.026760, liqc.027063, liqc.022321, liqc.022320, liqc.020843, liqc.022009, liqc.026620, liqc.026643,  liqc.026456, liqc.021428, liqc.021402, liqc.022054, liqc.019577, liqc.023782, liqc.023710, liqc.023708, liqc.019360, liqc.017682, liqc.021670, liqc.022983 (UK), liqc.022846 (UK).
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    Worldwide distribution - USA and the United Kingdom.
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    QuietCare, Model Numbers QC200403, v.02; QC200403, v.03; QC200403, v.04; QC200405 (USA) and QCE200403, v.02; QCE200403, v.03 (UK). Manufacturer Living Independently Group, Inc., New York, NY. QuietCare is intended for use in monitoring the environmental conditions and activity (motion) of an individual living in a senior housing community.
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    Intel-GE Care Innovations LLC, 3721 Douglas Blvd Ste 100, Roseville CA 95661-4243
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