Otto Bock Kimba

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    The affected strollers were sold between August 1, 2002 and September 23, 2003. The affected strollers are those strollers equipped with the trigger-activated tilting mechanism. (The firm''s notification letter has photographs of the trigger-activated tilting mechanism which can be used to identify the devices needing correction.)
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    The product was distributed nationwide in the United States and to Canada and Mexico.
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    Otto Bock Kimba Plus Pediatric Tilt-in-Space Postural Mobility Systems (Strollers), Product Numbers HR32571001-012, HRK3269=06-027_X, R32651001-012, HRK3283=01-026_X, HRK3269=01-026_X, HRK3283=02-026_X, HRK3269=02-026_X, HRK3283=03-027_X, HRK3269=03-027_X, HRK3283=04-027_X, HRK3269=04-027_X, HRK3283=05-026_X, HRK3269=05-026_X, and HRK3283=06-027_X
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    Bock,Otto,Orthopedic Ind,Inc, 3000 Xenium Ln N, Minneapolis MN 55441-2661
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