Device Recall Aplio Iseries (i700, i800, i900)

  • Modelo / Serial
    Model No. TUS-AI700. TUS-AI800, TUS-AI900. Serial No. HNA1792011, HAB1732009, HNA1772007, HNA1772006, HAB1732023, HAB1732013, HAB1732016, HAB16Z2002, NJC17X2086, NJC17X2087, JHA16X2004, HAB1732027, HAB16Z2001, HAB16Z2002, NJB1762003, JHA1752022, HAB16Z2003, HAB16Z2004, JHA1752019, NJB1782050, HAB1742033, NJB1772031, HNA1792013, HNA1772008, JHA1752010, HAB1742035, HAB1742036, NJB1762001, NJB1782042, JHA1762034, HAB1732030, HAB16Z2005, HAB1732007, HAB1742034, HAB1742037, JHA1752024, NJB1772019, JHA1762029, JHA1762031, NJB1782061, HAB1732019, HNA1772001, HAB1712008, HAB1722011, HAB1712010, HAB1712009, HNA1792014, HAB1722012, HAB16Z2003, HAB1732017, HAB1732018, HAB1712006, HAB1732014, HAB1712007, HAB1732015, HAB1732021, HAB1732020, HAB1732025, JHA1762030, HAB1732029, HAB1732031, NJC17X2066, HNA1772002, NJB1782060, NJB1782043, NJB1762002, JHA16X2002, NJB1782057, NJB1782055, JHA1752021, NJB1782058, NJB1762006, NJB1782056, NJC17X2089, NJB1772023, NJB1782051, NJB1782052, NJB1782053, NJB1782054, HAB1732006, NJB1782062, NJB1782063, NJB1762004, NJB1762005, NJB1772022, JHA1752014, JHA1752016, JHA1752017, JHA1752018, HNA1792012, NJC17X2068, NJC17X2069, NJC17X2070, NJC17X2067, NJB1782046, NJB1782047, NJB1782048, NJB1782049, NJB1772039, NJB1782041, NJB1782045, NJC17X2083, NJC17X2084, NJC17X2081, NJC17X2079, NJC17X2080, NJC17X2082, NJC17X2076, NJC17X2077, NJC17X2078, NJB1772021, NJB1782044, JHA1752020, HNA1772005, NJB1782064, JHA1762032, HAB1732010, HAB1732008, NJB1782059, NJB1762008, NJB1762007, NJB1762009, NJB1772024, NJB1772014, NJB1772017, NJB1772018, NJB1772015, NJB1772016, NJB1772011, NJB1772012, NJB1772020, NJB1762010, NJB1772035, NJB1772036, NJB1772037, NJB1772038, NJB1772026, NJB1772027, NJB1772028, NJB1772030, NJB1772034, NJB1772025, NJB1772032, NJB1772013, JHA1762036, NJC17X2090, JHA1762033, HNA1772010, HNA1772009, NJB1772029, HNA1772004, HNA1772003, NJB1782065, NJC17X2071, NJB17822040, NJC17X2074, NJC17X2075, NJC17X2085, HAB1732026, JHA16X2007, HAB1732022, JHA1752023, JHA1762026, JHA1762025, HAB1732028, JHA16X2001, JHA16X2003, HAB1742011, HAB1742012, JHA16X2001, JHA16X2003, JHA1752004, JHA1752005, JHA1752006, JHA1752007, JHA1752008, JHA1752009, JHA1752010, JHA1752011, JHA1752012, JHA1752013, NJB1772033, NJC17X2072, NJC17X2073, NJC17X2088, HAB16Z2001, HAB16Z2004, HAB16Z2005, HAB1732024, HAB1732032, HNA1792015, HNB17X2016, HNB17X2017, HNB17X2018, HNB17X2019, HNB17X2020, HNB17X2021, HNB17X2022, HNB17X2023, HNB17X2024, HNB17X2025, HNB17X2026, HNB17X2027, HNB17X2028, HNB17X2029, HNB17X2030, JHA16X2002, JHA16X2005, JHA16X2006, JHA16X2008, JHA16X2009, JHA1752011, JHA1752012, JHA1752013, JHA1752015, JHA1762027, JHA1762028, JHA1762035, JHA1762037, JHA1762038, JHA1762039, HAB1742001, HAB1742002, JHA16X2001
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    USA (nationwide) Distribution to the states of : CA, CO, DE, GA, HI, IA, ID, IL, IN, MD, MI, MN, MO, NC, ND, NV, OH, OR, PA, SC, SD, TN, TX, VA, WA, WV and WY.
  • Descripción del producto
    Diagnostic Ultrasound System, Aplio I-series. Labeled as i700, i800, i900 || The power supply unit may be damaged and may fail to start up when the power plug is inserted into a power outlet while the main power switch on the rear of the system is set to ON.
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    Toshiba American Medical Systems Inc, PO Box 2068, 2441 Michelle Dr, Tustin CA 92780-7047
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