Device Recall GE Healthcare, Innova 3100 and Innova 4100 systems

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    SERIAL NUMBER 00000007C20103 0000010C2M0069 0000010C2M0181 0000010C2M0214 0000010C2M0259 0000010C2M0137 0000010C2M0159 0000010C2M0262 0000009C2M0084 0000010C2M0130 0000010C2M0218 0000010C2M0297 0000009C2M0108 0000010C2M0236 0000009C2M0167 0000010C2M0208 0000010C2M0295 0000000DUMMY01 00000009C20099 00000007C20141 00000595660BU2 0000010C2M0063 0000010C2M0083 0000009C2M0041 0000010C2M0180 0000010C2M0189 0000010C2M0174 00000593054BU0 00000007C20150 0000010C2M0027 0000010C2M0121 0000010C2M0229 0000010C2M0253 0000010C2M0122 0000010C2M0005 00000007C20173 0000009C2M0040 0000009C2M0077 0000010C2M0088 0000010C2M0097 0000010C2M0143 0000010C2M0192 0000010C2M0193 0000010C2M0204 0000010C2M0294 0000010C2M0269 0000010C2M0176 00000498682BU4
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    Worldwide distribution - USA including AZ, CA, CO, FL, ID, IL, ME, NV,NY, NC, OK, TN, UT, and WI; and Internationally to Canada, Chile, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Korea, Norway and Spain.
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    GE Healthcare, Innova 3100 and Innova 4100 systems. || The Digital Fluoroscopic Imaging System is indicated for use in diagnostic and interventional angiographic procedures of human anatomy. It is intended to replace image intensifier fluoroscopic systems in all diagnostic or interventional procedures.
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    GE Healthcare, LLC, 3000 N Grandview Blvd, Waukesha WI 53188-1615
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