Device Recall Hydradjust IV DR Urological Table Sedecal Generator

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    Part Number: 750732, Serial Numbers: G28619, G28622, G28623, G28625, G28627, G28630, G28633, G28668, G28669, G28679, G28680, G28924, G28926, G28928, G28930, G28939, G28997, G29001, G29002, G29006, G29028, G29029, G29063, G29064, G29065, G29068, G29069, G29070, G29071, G29138, G29141, G29143, G29151, G29155, G29157, G29162, G29234, G29236, G29238, G29242, G29243, G29248, G29257, G29258, G29261, G29265, G29268, G29277, G29814, G30632, G30635, G30852, G30856, G31123, G31128, G31134, G31344, G31347, G31355, G31359, G31435, G31437, G31439, G31440, G31503, G31505, G31609, G31610, G31612, G31614, G31616, G32275, G32279, G32284, G32288, G32290, G32456, G32461, G32463, G32464, G32468, G32470, G32476, G32511, G32516, G32518, G32520, G32523, G32524, G32537, G32541, G32565, G32566, G32568, G32571, G32578, G32644, G32647, G32649, G32650, G32774, G32776, G32778, G32779, G32786, G32912, G32914, G32915 and G32922; Part Number: 750733, Serial Numbers: G29230, G29891, G30029, G30171, G30172, G30174, G30180, G30322, G30325, G30661, G30666, G30799, G30801, G31007, G31010, G31307, G31310, G315881, G32292, G32535, G32771, G32773, G32918, G-32924, G-32976, G329821, G33085, G33086, G33090, G33361, G33874, G33876, G34118, G34128 and G34232.
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    Worldwide Distribution -- United States, Canada and China.
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    Hydradjust IV DR Urological Table Sedecal Generator (p/n 750732 - 64W generator & p/n 750733 80W generator). Mallinckrodt, Inc. Cincinnati, OH 45237. || Facilitates digital radiologic and/or fluoroscopic procedures requiring a beam of diagnostic quality radiation and a flat imaging table.
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    Mallinckrodt Inc, 2111 E Galbraith Rd, Cincinnati OH 45237-1624
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