Device Recall IMPAX Cardiovascular Polling Procedure version 1.00.09

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    Serial number: KQRCPF9, Equipment number: 15013696, ; Serial number: BQWBZ81, Equipment number: 10281800; Serial number: FB5C561, Equipment number: 10262174; Serial number: USE708NBP3, Equipment number: 15003839; and Serial number: GN6Z1E1, Equipment number: 15009724.
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    Nationwide Distribution --- including states of FL, IL, OR, SC, and SD.
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    IMPAX Cardiovascular Polling Procedure version 1.00.09, used in IMPAX 6.2.1 and 6.3.1.; Catalog numbers: E18R4000, L5NQJ000, L57OP000, LBCDB000, and E2ZCK000. || IMPAX Cardiovascular is a picture archiving and communications system intended to be used as a networked cardiovascular information management system. The IMPAX Centric Polling Procedure provides a mechanism to ensure that patient demographic and merge/split operations performed on the IMPAX database utilizing the IMPAX Service Tool are captured and applied to the IMPAX CV database, in order to keep patient updates from the IMPAX database synchronized with the IMPAX CV database.
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    AGFA Corp., 10 S Academy St, Greenville SC 29601-2632
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