Device Recall Mobile DaRt Evolution

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    In combination with CXDI-70C:  Serial Numbers:  410001F0A004 410001B13012 410001B13016 410001F0A005 410001B1300E 410001B13010 0162S67303 410001B13018 410001B1300A 410001B13017 410001B1301B 410001B1301A 410001B13019 410001B1301D 410001B13011 410001B1301C 410001B13001 410001B13015 410001F0B004 410001B13008 410001B13013 410001F0B005 410001F0B006 410001F0A007 410001B13009 410001B1300B 410001B15035 410001B13014 410001B14009 410001B1301F 410001B14002 410001B14001 410001B14006 410001B14004 410001B15005 410001B13002 410001B1301E 410001B15016 410001B15009 410001B15007 410001B15006 410001B1300F 410001B15001 410001B15017 410001B15002 410001B15020  In combination with CXDI-55C:  Serial Numbers:  0162S65805 0162S65810 0162S65808 0162S66001 0162S66008 0162S65809 0162S66004 0162S66005 0162S66009 0162S66010 0162S66201 0162S66202 0162S66207 0162S66208 0162S66206 0162S66302 0162S66402 0162S66409 0162S66410 0162S66403 0162S66501 0162S66405 0162S66407 0162S66406 0162S66505 0162S66502 0162S66503 0162S66408 0162S66504 0162S66603 0162S66508 0162S66507 0162S66510 0162S66709 0162S66601 0162S66610 0162S66609 0162S66605  In combination with CXDI-55G  Serial Numbers: 0162S66205 0162S66307 0162S66309 0162S65901 0162S66003 0162S66306 0162S66308 0162S66509 0162S65709 0162S66606 0162S66802 0162S66803
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    US Nationwide Distribution
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    Shimadzu Corporation - Mobile DaRt Evolution || This device is a mobile X-ray system in order to take general radiography of patients in the hospital who cannot move and/or of out patients in emergency .
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    Shimadzu Medical Systems, 20101 S Vermont Ave, Torrance CA 90502-1328
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