Device Recall Model Kodak 2100 Intraoral XRay System

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    Serial Numbers starting with WE, WF, WG, WH, WI, WJ, WK, WL, XA, XB, XC, XD, XE, XF, XG, XH, XI, XJ, XK, XL, YA, YB, YC, YD
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    Worldwide distribution. USA (nationwide) and the country of Canada.
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    Model Kodak 2100 Intraoral X-Ray System, Catalog Numbers 5303144, 8011579 -- Carestream Health, Inc. 150 Verona Street Rochester, NY 14608 -- Made in France -- TROPHY 77435 Marne La Vallee --- COMMON/USUAL NAME: Dental X-Ray Systems -- CLASSIFICATION NAME: Unit, X-Ray, Extraoral with timer --- There are four major components: x-ray tube, x-ray generator, collimator and image receptor. These systems are permanently installed diagnostic dental x-ray systems for generation of x-rays for examination of the teeth, jaw and oral structures.
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    Carestream Health Inc., 150 Verona St, Rochester NY 14608-1733
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