Device Recall MUX100, MUX100H Xray System

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    Serial No.  0262P70907 0262P70908 0262P70909 0262P70910 0262P71001 0262P71002 0262P71003 0262P71004 0262P71005 0262P71006 0162Z01901 0162Z01902 0162Z01903 0162Z01904 0162Z01905 0162Z02002 0162Z02003 0162Z02004 0162Z02005 0162Z02006 0162Z02007 0162Z02008 0162Z02009 0162Z02101 0162Z02108 0162Z02204 0162Z02205 0162Z02302 0162Z02303 0162Z02304 0162Z02305 0162Z02306 0162Z02307 0162Z02308 0162Z02309 0162Z02310 0262Z00205 0262Z00206 0262Z00207 0262Z00208 0262Z00209 0262Z00210 0262Z00307 0262Z00308 0262Z00309 0262Z00310 0262Z00401 0262Z00402 0262Z00403 0262Z00404 0262Z00610 0262Z00701 0262Z00702 0262Z00703 0262Z00704 0262Z00705
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    USA Nationwide Distribution
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    Mobile X-ray System, Model: MUX-100, MUX-100H || Product Usage: || The device is a mobile X-ray system in order to take general radiography of patients in the hospital who cannnot move and/or of outpatients in emergency
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    Shimadzu Medical Systems, 20101 S Vermont Ave, Torrance CA 90502-1328
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