Device Recall Philips Medical Systems FVRF (Clinix RF Plus)

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    System Serial Numbers:  0162R15403 0162A66105 0162A65401 218134 217530 209677 716334 217721 0162R16001 0162A65301 0162R15803 0162R16002 209669 0162R15504 0162R15602 0162A66104 0162R16007 0162R15802 0162R15702 0162R16003 212866 218047 0162A66005 0162R15603 0162R16004 218085 0162R15804 217296 0162A65402 0162P21004
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    US Nationwide distribution in the following states: AL, CA, FL, GA, HI, IL, IN, KS, LA, MA, MI, MS, NJ, NY, OH, PA, SC, VA, WI, WV, & WY.
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    FV-RF (Clinix RF Plus) || Product Usage: || A Stationary X-ray System, a device intended for radiographic/fluoroscopic examinations of various anatomical regions. This device may include signal analysis and display equipment, patient and equipment supports, components and accessories.
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    Philips Medical Systems (Cleveland) Inc, 595 Miner Rd, Cleveland OH 44143-2131
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