Device Recall Sonialvision Safire II, Model : DAR8000f

  • Modelo / Serial
    Serial #: 0161G68101, 0261G65303, 0261G65702, 0261G68204, 3M72BFB21001, 3M72BFB2A001, 3M72BFC2A001, 3M72BFC2C001, 3M72BFB32001, 3M72BFB32006, 3M72BFB33003,3M72BFC33001, 3M72BFC34001, 3M72BFB35005, 3M72BFC37002, 3M72BFC42001, 3M72BFB46002
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    US Nationwide in the states of IL, WA, MI, TX, AZ, CA, LA, FL, SC, and NJ.
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    Sonialvision Safire II, Model #: DAR-8000f || Product Usage: || This angiographic x-ray system device intended to be used for the radiography in the hospital with X-ray devices. This device is operated and used by the physicians and X-ray technologist. The object of this device is total patient population.
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    Shimadzu Medical Systems, 20101 S Vermont Ave, Torrance CA 90502-1328
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