HDI 4000 Ultrasound System & the Philips 4000 Ultrasound System (same system).

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    Part # 9896 053 15031 (8500-0066-01), 9896 053 18811 (8500-0080-01), 9896 053 22011 (8500-0087-01)  Site numbers: A42000896, A3B000796, A34000603, A2C000441, A32000483, A33000540, A28000273, A35000637, A35000649, A26000159, A45001061, A28000241, A37000732, A25000143, A35000663, A42000932, A32000505, A42000898, A33000546, A24000084, A26000165, A28000255, A28000266, A28000276, A45001050, A36000692, A45001066, A34000559, A24000052, A32000501, A2C000460, A3C000853, A34000582, A2A000350, A2C000458, A2B000408, A28000277, A27000197, A25000136, A33000550, A34000596, A24000104, A34000621, A33000549, A2B000374, A34000607, A43001003, A28000238, A34000568, A28000275, A36000674, A29000323, A2A000354, A29000318, A29000325, A27000188, A36000678, A28000253, A34000628, A27000204, A3B000804, A36000687, A3C000825, A25000140, A3B000799, A28000267, A2A000335, A2A000353, A31000489, A29000289, A2A000338, A39000780, A26000153, A35000636, A2A000348, A38000760, A42000916, A2B000395, A42000912, A24000101, A36000706, A35000665, A34000629, A42000907, A43001005, A25000131, A27000189, A25000123, A42000889, A2C000438, A2B000420, A28000231, A26000160, A37000735, A32000502, A34000595, A24000067, A42000885, A28000270, A24000054, A2B000358, A39000776, A2C000448, A3C000846, A24000087, A35000659, A2C000455, A39000769, A43001006, A26000161, A24000057, A42000945, A34000589, A37000723, A31000477, A31000488, A2B000411, A2C000440, A2C000452, A2C000456, A31000466, A31000467, A31000479, A31000480, A31000481, A32000509, A26000154, A27000181, A42000925, A33000523, A34000577, A3C000812, A29000290, A31000474, A34000602, A26000157, A2A000349, A42000901, A42000947, A23000047, A36000702, A25000146, A2A000345, A44001022, A28000280, A2C000449, A3C000850, A41000861, A24000060, A2A000330, A42000895, A27000212, A26000170, A27000192, A42000931, A37000738, A26000173, A26000179, A26000178, A29000300, A38000753, A39000783, A24000061, A2A000327, A27000186, A2C000463, A31000478, A2C000446, A31000492, A28000235, A28000229, A25000144, A2B000399, A27000198, A27000202, A2C000445, A34000588, A36000677, A3C000824, A43000982, A2B000365, A36000707, EMO00005, A36000705, 34000623, A26000176, A26000180, A25000106, A25000108, A25000115, A34000565, A34000578, A31000476, A32000504, A36000670, A2B000385, A3B000794, A2A000344, A36000694, A3B000806, A3C000826, A39000767, A42000899, A2C000437, A21000016, A25000118, A2C000444, A38000756, A37000720, A45001058, A37000721, A34000612, A32000490, A28000226, A28000260, A24000077, A25000111, A31000475, A33000534, A24000076, A25000116, A35000652, A31000470, A36000716, A35000630, A44001032, A41000872, A2C000451, A2C000457, A32000498, A29000319, A27000210, A24000051, A31000468, A34000557, A34000567, A3B000802, A42000934, A42000921, A35000650, A27000203, A23000040, A34000563, A21000018, A32000495, A36000717, A39000778, A24000096, A25000126, A26000164, A27000194, A42000893, A42000903, A32000515, A34000615, A34000616, A2C000439, A33000536, A34000587, A34000606, A32000507, A25000137, A24000056, A34000614, A25000133, A44001045, A25000147, A23000042, A35000664, A25000130, A25000148, A32000516, A34000611, A43000995, A37000736, A42000894, A31000482, A2A000331, A32000499, A43000980, A35000654, A44001019, A25000110, A34000556, A35000641, A35000642, A44001027, A44001028, A42000913, A3C000813, A42000928, A45001051, A2B000381, A2B000372, A2C000450, A32000513, A24000073, A3B000790, A34000597, A25000145, A31000493, A28000220, A34000627, A35000669, A28000265, A37000743, A35000645, A27000200, A29000310, A28000247, A26000171, A42000922, A27000184, A34000560, A28000243, A24000055, A35000644, A29000292, A21000015, A33000528, A32000517, A27000211, A28000257, A28000230, A2A000340, A34000599, A28000262, A2C000443, A2C000465, A35000643, A2A000337, A28000250, A31000491
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    Units were distributed to medial facilities, hospitals, and veterinarians worldwide. Countries include Africa, Argentina, Australia, Austria, Bahrain, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Chile, China, Columbia, Costa Rica, Cyprus, Domican Republic, Ecuador, France, Germany, Greece, Guam, Guatemala, Hungary, India, Israel, Italy, Jordan, Kuwait, Martinique, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Phlippines, Portugal, Puerto Rico, Peru, Santa Domingo, Saudia Arabia, Selangor, Singapore, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, Thailand, Ukraine, United Kingdom, Zenica
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    HDI 4000 Ultrasound System & the Philips 4000 Ultrasound System (same system).
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    Philips Ultrasound, Inc., 22100 Bothell-Everett Hwy., P.O. Box 3003, Bothell WA 98041-3003
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