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    35A2Y000, 35AWO000, 5N2N4004, 5NP9X001, 5NSMY000, 5OHXO000, 5QFWU000, E5KN2002, ETQ55000, EU5P6000, EYMFF000, F8AM4771, L18HH000, L2CEW000, L41KH000, L5N26000, L5N4B000, L5N5D000, L5P6O000, L5PD1000, L6S8E000, L8L5U000, L8VHQ000, L9HGC000, LEFG2504, LVTB7007
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    Nationwide Distribution -- including states of WI, and SC.
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    IMPAX 6.5 Client Software. || IMPAX 6.5 combines the traditional activities of RIS informatics management with PACS image management to provide a powerful platform for imaging-based planning, interpretation, and results distribution. The IMPAX 6.5 Client focuses on the integration of PACS, RIS and Speech applications into a single delivery of information. A single IMPAX 6.5 Client application can be used by a range of users on any appropriate, networked workstation they have access to.
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    AGFA Corp., 10 S Academy St, Greenville SC 29601-2632
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