Nombre Clasificación Fabricante Nivel de riesgo País Fuente
A7 Anesthesia delivery system Mindray DS Lebanon
Sterile medical device containing multiple components to perform a breast biopsy, Breast Biopsy Tray Custom HealthCare System Lebanon
Reagent Red Blood Cells (RRBC) CSL Limited Malaysia
Portex™ Blue Line Ultra tracheostomy kits, lot no. 499265 Smiths Medical Malaysia
Invasive blood pressure monitoring sets : LogiCal, NovaTrans and TranStar models Smiths Medical Malaysia
H-1200 Fast Fluid Warmer with integrated Air Detector/Clamp and H-31B and H-30 Air Detector/Clamp Accessory Smiths Medical Malaysia
Omnifuse and Omnifuse PCA Syringe Pumps Smiths Medical Malaysia
Invasive blood pressure monitoring sets: LogiCal, NovaTrans and TransStar models Smiths Medical Malaysia
Omnifuse and Omnifuse PCA syringe pumps Smiths Medical Malaysia
Lifepak 12 and Lifepak 20/20e Defibrillators/Monitors Medtronic International Ltd Malaysia
All TomoTherapy Hi-ART Treatment Systems – operating on Version 4.0.0, 4.0.1 and 4.0.2 software TomoTherapy Incorporated Malaysia
All TomoTherapy Hi-ART Systems – with Version 3.x and 4.0.x software TomoTherapy Incorporated Malaysia
TomoDirect Delivery licensed systems TomoTherapy Incorporated Malaysia
Hospira butterfly winged needle infusion set Hospira UK Ltd Malaysia
COLLEAGUE INFUSION PUMPS General Hospital and Personal Use Devices Baxter Healthcare Malaysia
Baxter Colleague Triple Channel Mono, CX and CXE Volumetric Infusion Pumps Baxter Healthcare Malaysia
Baxter Infusor - Product Codes: 2C1008KP, 2C1009KP Baxter Healthcare Malaysia
HomeChoice Automated PD System and HomeChoice PRO Automated PD System Gastroenterology-Urology Devices Baxter Healthcare Malaysia
Homechoice / Homechoice Pro Automated Peritoneal Dialysis System Baxter Healthcare Malaysia
VICRYL RAPIDE SUTURES Johnson & Johnson Malaysia
DePuy Spine Confidence Introducer Needles Johnson & Johnson Malaysia
BLAKE Silicone Drains, BLAKE Silicone Drain Kits, BLAKE Cardio Connectors, J-VAC Reservoirs, J-VAC Drain Adapters Johnson & Johnson Malaysia
MULTIPLE LOTS OF ETHICON INC. products (BLAKE Silicone Drain) Johnson & Johnson Malaysia
Cordis LuMend Outback Ltd Re-entry Catheter Johnson & Johnson Malaysia