Notificaciones De Seguridad De Campo acerca de Cardiac resynchronization therapy pacemakers (CRT-P) and defibrillators (CRT-D)

Según Agency for Medicinal Products and Medical Devices of the Republic of Slovenia (via FOI), este evento ( notificaciones de seguridad de campo ) involucró a un dispositivo médico en Slovenia que fue producido por Boston Scientific International S.A..

¿Qué es esto?

Las notificaciones de seguridad de campo son comunicaciones sobre acciones que se pueden estar tomando en relación con un producto que se encuentra en el mercado, enviadas por los fabricantes de dispositivos médicos o sus representantes. Estas notificaciones son principalmente para trabajadores de la salud, pero también para usuarios. Pueden incluir alertas y retiro de equipos.

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    Field Safety Notice
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    Data from Slovenia is current through February 2019. All of the data comes from the Agency for Medicinal Products and Medical Devices of the Republic of Slovenia (via FOI), except for the categories Manufacturer Parent Company and Product Classification.
    The Parent Company and the Product Classification were added by ICIJ.
    The parent company information is based on 2017 public records. The device classification information comes from FDA’s Product Classification by Review Panel, based on matches of recall data from the U.S. and Slovenia.
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    This memo contains important programmatic information to prevent asynchronous biventricular stimulation (biv) unwanted behavior in some cardiac resynchronization therapy (crt-p) and defibrillator (crt-d) pacemakers while monitoring elevated internal atrial rhythms. repeated detection of this unwanted behavior of asynchronous biv promotion may end by returning the implanted device to a continuous safety core ™ mode, which must be replaced early. unwanted behavior of asynchronous biv promotion can only occur when rare parameter combinations are programmed. specifically:.


  • Modelo / Serial
    VALITUDE™ CRT-P U125, U128 RESONATE™ CRT-D G424, G425, G426, G428, G437, G447, G448, G524, G525, G526, G528, G537, G547, G548 MOMENTUM™ CRT-D G124, G125, G126, G128, G138 AUTOGEN™ CRT-D G172, G173, G175, G177, G179 INOGEN™ CRT-D G140, G141, G146, G148 VISIONIST™ CRT-P U225, U226, U228 VIGILANT™ CRT-D G224, G225 , G228, G237, G247, G248 CHARISMA™ CRT-D G324, G325, G328, G337, G347, G348 DYNAGEN™ CRT-D G150, G151, G156, G158 ORIGEN™ CRT-D G050, G051, G056, G058
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  • Empresa matriz del fabricante (2017)
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    “We take a patient-first approach to assessing the applicability of every recall and communicate to regulatory bodies in all geographies where the recalled device is sold,” Boston Scientific said in a statement to ICIJ. “We have coordinated several recalls across many countries in a timely manner,” the company said, adding that it complies with all national laws, which can often vary and require different processes for reporting information or taking action on recalls. The company said it uses a rigorous and uniform process to take action on recalls and that “when we initiate a field action (e.g. recall, safety alert), every customer who has received an affected product receives a communication that includes a letter for the physician.”
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