Retiro De Equipo (Recall) de Device Recall Alcon Lux OR LX3 Microscope Floor Stand

Según U.S. Food and Drug Administration, este evento ( retiro de equipo (recall) ) involucró a un dispositivo médico en United States que fue producido por Alcon Research, Ltd..

¿Qué es esto?

Una corrección al equipo o acción de retiro tomada por el fabricante para abordar un problema con un dispositivo médico. Los retiros (recalls) ocurren cuando un dispositivo médico está defectuoso, cuando puede poner en riesgo la salud, o cuando simultáneamente está defectuoso y puede poner en riesgo la salud.

Más información acerca de la data acá
  • Tipo de evento
  • ID del evento
  • Clase de Riesgo del Evento
    Class 2
  • Número del evento
  • Fecha de inicio del evento
  • Estado del evento
    Open, Classified
  • País del evento
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  • Notas / Alertas
    U.S. data is current through June 2018. All of the data comes from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, except for the category Manufacturer Parent Company.
    The Parent Company was added by ICIJ.
    The parent company information is based on 2017 public records.
  • Notas adicionales en la data
    Microscope, operating & accessories, ac-powered, ophthalmic - Product Code HRM
  • Causa
    Multiple shipments or forceful impact to a caster on a luxor/lx3 microscope may stress the microscope base, which could contribute to a caster breaking or detaching from the base.
  • Acción
    Alcon sent an Urgent Medical Device Correction letter dated May 25, 2017, to all affected customers. Demonstration units in inventory will be scheduled for retrofit of base and/or upgraded caster configuration through onsite service calls. Customers with questions or concerns were instructed to call 1-800-832-7827. For questions regarding this recall call 817-293-0450.


  • Modelo / Serial
    Domestic Serial Numbers: 1402548501X, 1402548502X, 1402548503X, 1402548504X, 1402548505X, 1402548506X, 1402577401X, 1402577402X, 1402577403X, 1402577404X, 1402577405X, 1402577406X, 1402612001X, 1402612002X, 1402612003X, 1402612004X, 1402612005X, 1402612006X, 1402655703X, 1402655704X, 1402655705X, 1402655706X, 1402705203X, 1402705204X, 1402728703X, 1402728704X, 1402728705X, 1402728706X, 1402804805X, 1402804806X, 1402887601X, 1402887602X, 1402887603X, 1402887604X, 1402959002X, 1402959004X, 1402959005X, 1402959006X, 1403012601X, 1403012602X, 1403012603X, 1403012604X, 1403012605X, 1403012606X, 1403045903X, 1403045904X, 1403045905X, 1403045906X, 1403072801X, 1403072802X, 1403072803X, 1403072804X, 1403072805X, 1403072806X, 1403124901X, 1403124902X, 1403124903X, 1403124904X, 1403124905X, 1403124906X, 1403145301X, 1403145302X, 1403145303X, 1403145304X, 1403145305X, 1403145306X, 1403173401X, 1403173402X, 1403173403X, 1403173404X, 1403173405X, 1403173406X, 1403211701X, 1403211702X, 1403211704X, 1403211706X, 1403239601X, 1403239602X,  1403239603X, 1403239604X, 1403239605X, 1403239606X, 1403253702X, 1403253703X, 1403253705X, 1403253706X, 1403272701X, 1403272702X, 1403351301X, 1403351302X, 1403351303X, 1403351304X, 1403351305X, 1403351306X, 1403390506X, 1403390803X, 1403390805X, 1403440402X, 1403440406X, 1403440502X, 1403440503X, 1403440505X, 1403440506X, 1403484502X, 1403484602X, 1403484603X, 1403484604X, 1403539702X, 1403539703X, 1403539704X, 1403539706X, 1403625401X, 1403625402X,  1403625403X, 1403625404X, 1403625405X, 1403625406X, 1403625501X, 1403625502X, 1403625504X, 1403625505X, 1403688701X, 1403688702X,  1403688801X, 1403688802X, 1403688803X, 1403688804X, 1403688805X, 1403688806X, 1403736301X, 1403736302X, 1403736303X, 1403736304X, 1403736305X, 1403736306X, 1403736401X, 1403736404X, 1403791801X, 1403791803X, 1403791805X, 1403791806X, 1403830904X, 1403830905X, 1403830906X, 1403831004X, 1403831005X, 1403831006X, 1403862204X, 1403862205X, 1403862206X, 1403862305X, 1403862306X, 1403886401X,  1403886402X, 1403886403X, 1403886404X, 1403886405X, 1403886406X, 1403886501X, 1403886502X, 1403886503X, 1403886504X, 1403886505X, 1403886506X, 1403986603X, 1403986604X, 1403986605X, 1403986606X, 1403990601X, 1403990602X, 1403990603X, 1403990604X, 1403990701X, 1403990703X, 1403990704X, 1403990705X, 1403990706X, 1404022104X, 1404022105X, 1404022202X, 1404022204X, 1501030401X, 1501030601X, 1501030606X, 1501088001X, 1501088006X, 1501088101X, 1501088105X, 1501088106X, 1501132903X, 1501132905X, 1501132906X, 1501158301X, 1501158302X, 1501158303X, 1501158304X, 1501158401X, 1501158402X, 1501158403X, 1501158404X, 1501158406X, 1501201501X, 1501201506X, 1501274503X, 1501355602X, 1501355603X, 1501355604X, 1501355605X, 1501355606X, 1501355702X, 1501565905X, 1501566001X, 1501566003X, 1501566004X, 150156600SX, 1501566006X, 1501619502X, 1501619503X, 1501619506X, 1501619601X, 1501619604X, 150161960SX, 1501619606X, 1501646804X, 1501646902X, 1501646903X, 1501646906X, 1501672006X, 1501672102X, 1501672105X, 1501672106X, 1501731601X, 1501731602X, 1501731604X, 1501731805X, 1501731806X, 1501790001X, 1501790002X, 1501790003X, 1501790004X, 1501790005X, 1501790006X, 1501790103X, 1501790104X, 1501790105X, 1501790106X, 1501838401X, 1501838402X, 1501838403X, 1501838404X, 1501838405X, 1501838406X, 1501898901X, 1501898902X, 1501898903X, 1501898904X, 1501898905X, 1501899003X, 1501899006X, 1501940101X, 1501940102X, 1501940104X, 1501940105X, 1501940106X, 1501955601X, 1501955602X, 1501955603X, 1501955604X, 1501955605X, 1502051002X, 1502051004X, 1502051006X, 1502134606X, 1502134701X, 1502134703X, 1502134705X, 1502176206X, 1502326701X, 1502326702X, 1502384602X, 1502384603X, 1502384605X, 1502384606X, 1502384705X, 1502384706X, 1502443501X, 1502443503X, 1502443504X, 1502443506X, 1502459501X, 1502459502X, 1502459601X, 1502459603X, 1502459604X, 1502473801X, 1502473802X, 1502473803X, 1502473804X,  1502473805X, 1502473806X, 1502473904X, 1502473905X, 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1603141405X, 1603141406X, 1603141504X, 1603141505X, 1603364801X, 1603364802X, 1603364806X, 1603364902X, 1603364903X, 1603364906X, 1603479703X, 1603479704X, 1603479801X, 1603479802X, 1603701601X, 1603762804X, 1603762805X, 1603762806X, 1603831005X, 1603831006X, 1603831101X, 1603831102X, 1603831104X, 1603875403X, 1603875406X, 1603875502X, 1603875504X, 1603875506X, 1604011304X, 1604011403X, 1604011405X, 1604115302X, 1604115304X, 1604115305X, 1604115403X, 1604115404X, 1604115405X, 1604115406X, 1604329801X, 1604329803X, 1604374601X, 1604374602X, 1604374603X, 1604374604X, 1604374605X, 1604374606X, 1701000401X, 1701000402X, 1701000403X, 1701042103X, 1701042105X, 1701042106X, 1701079602X, 1701079603X, 1701079604X;   International Serial Numbers: 1503175502X, 1501731606X, 1501898906X, 1501899002X, 1502176303X, 1502695606X, 1602059306X, 1602152401X, 1403484606X, 1403862202X, 1501355706X, 1501565901X, 1503261502X, 1503544603X, 1503544604X, 1403484504X, 1501273405X, 1501201706X, 1502051003X, 1602890805X, 1602890806X, 1503545004X.1503316006X, 1501088005X, 1501201701X, 1501201703X, 1502326706X, 1501088003X, 1501731603X, 1502672105X, 1502857503X, 1503218902X, 1503261602X, 1601749302X, 1402455303X, 1502594803X, 1502695701X, 1602750703X, 1602750803X, 1602750805X, 1602750806X, 1602890803X, 1403440405X, 1403484505X, 1502384702X, 1502443505X, 1502443805X, 1502459605X, 1502522704X, 1502522805X, 1503042701X, 1501838501X, 1501838504X, 1502176306X, 1502568205X, 1503042803X, 1503090504X, 1503090505X, 1503090603X, 1503143105X, 1503372604X, 1503372701X, 1503545002X, 1603831105X, 1502005104X, 1501672004X, 1502499502X, 1503372705X, 1602890804X, 1403990702X, 1404022205X, 1501646803X, 1502134601X, 1502640605X, 1503042704X, 1503218906X, 1503261501X, 1503261506X, 1503316004X, 1503372703X, 1604011301X, 1501273404X, 1501273406X, 1501672005X, 1502134602X, 1502640603X, 1503090604X, 1503316005X, 1503316101X, 1503436203X, 1501133005X, 1403986805X, 1501355704X, 1402959001X, 1403272703X, 1403440403X, 1403539705X, 1501088004X, 1502985701X, 1404022103X, 1501273403X, 1501274502X, 1501355601X, 1502005106X, 1502499703X, 1502499705X, 1403440401X, 1403688706X, 1501274501X, 1501274504X, 1504063502X, 1403390503X, 1403390802X, 1501672003X, 1403539604X, 1501273402X, 1502913104X, 1502985802X, 1503545001X, 1501619504X, 1501619505X, 1403272704X, 1403986602X, 1403986803X, 1501088103X, 1501201503X, 1501201505X, 1501565902X, 1501565904X, 1501940201X, 1501940203X, 1501940205X, 1501955501X, 1502050905X, 1502176204X, 1502176302X, 1502522806X, 1502594804X, 1502985806X, 1503042706X, 1503090502X, 1503143006X, 1503143104X, 1503175401X, 1503175406X, 1503544606X, 1503822102X, 1503822103X, 1601025001X, 1501132902X, 1403862203X, 1404022101X, 1404022201X, 1404022206X, 1501030603X, 1501030604X, 1501030605X, 1501133004X, 1501201502X, 1501201504X, 1501201702X, 1501201704X, 1501355701X, 1501565906X, 1501619603X, 1501731803X, 1501838503X, 1501838505X, 1501955503X, 1501955505X, 1502005103X, 1502134603X, 1502176304X, 1502384703X, 1502443801X, 1502473901X, 1502609204X, 1502640501X, 1502640503X, 1502672203X, 1603762701X, 1603762702X, 1603762703X, 1603762704X, 1603762705X, 1603762706X, 1603762801X, 1603762802X, 1603831001X, 1501940206X, 1502640604X, 1502672102X, 1503372702X, 1503402206X, 1603141403X, 1603831003X, 1603831004X, 1602059302X, 1502733401X, 1503175403X, 1403253704X, 1603831103X, 1502459503X, 1502459504X, 1502473902X, 1502473903X, 1502499702X, 1502834903X, 1502985705X, 1503175405X, 1503175505X, 1503372602X, 1504063504X, 1504063506X, 1504063604X, 1504063605X, 1601025102X, 1601025104X, 1601025106X, 1601093703X, 1601135601X, 1601135602X, 1601135603X, 1601135605X, 1601749403X, 1601818401X, 1601818402X, 1601818501X, 1601818506X, 1502050903X, 1602152402X, 1501731802X, 1501940202X, 1502050902X, 1403484605X, 1501355703X, 1502672201X, 1503143003X, 1503261601X, 1503316104X, 1501672002X, 1501838502X, 1502771904X, 1502772004X, 1502782203X, 1603875402X, 1602152603X, 1602152604X, 1501273401X, 1501899001X, 1502857606X, 1403736405X, 1501132904X, 1502594805X, 1503042804X, 1503090503X, 1503090606X, 1503544605X, 1602327206X, 1602327305X, 1402887605X, 1402887606X, 1403351005X, 1403688703X, 1501158405X, 1501565903X, 1502005201X, 1502522705X, 1502568206X, 1502672104X, 1503372605X, 1503545003X, 1603701604X, 1603701605X, 1501133001X, 1502733501X, 1502771901X, 1502913106X, 1502958101X, 1603875501X, 1603875503X, 1603875505X, 1502834902X, 1403830901X, 1501646904X, 1501672001X, 1502594904X, 1502857501X, 1503042705X, 1503042805X, 1503143103X, 1503218904X, 1503436201X, 1503436202X, 1604329805X, 1604329806X, 1503402204X, 1502772005X, 1503372601X, 1503402205X, 1503545006X, 1503581103X, 1503581104X, 1503581201X, 1503581203X, 1503822104X, 1502134702X, 1502384604X, 1502384701X, 1502594801X, 1601025002X, 1604115301X, 1601093501X, 1501355705X, 1403791802X, 1403831001X, 1403831002X, 1502005202X, 1502609205X, 1502695603X, 1502695706X, 1502958305X, 1503143005X, 1503218805X, 1603831106X, 1603875401X, 1403390504X, 1403390505X, 1403390801X, 1403736403X, 1502695703X, 1503372704X, 1503581202X, 1503822004X, 1504108102X, 1601025004X, 1602890903X, 1602890905X, 1602890906X, 1603141401X, 1701000404X, 1701042104X, 1701079601X, 1701079606X, 1701134801X, 1701134803X, 1701134806X, 1701211101X, 1701211102X, 1701211103X, 1701211104X, 1701211202X, 1701211206X, 1403791706X, 1403862301X, 1403862303X, 1403862304X, 1403211703X, 1403332301X, 1403351001X, 1403351003X, 1403351004X, 1403484506X, 1403625503X, 1403791701X, 1403791804X, 1403986802X, 1501274506X, 1501619602X, 1501646802X, 1501646805X, 1501646806X, 1501646905X, 1501672103X, 1501790101X, 1501899005X, 1501955502X, 1502005101X, 1502326406X, 1502326703X, 1502443803X, 1502459506X, 1502459606X, 1502499701X, 1502594802X, 1502733503X, 1502958304X, 1503143106X,  1503175503X, 1503261503X, 1503372603X, 1503436304X, 1503544601X, 1601749402X, 1602327202X, 1602327306X, 1602487903X, 1602488001X, 1602488002X, 1602488003X, 1602488004X, 160248800SX, 1602488006X, 1602647701X, 1602647704X, 1602890801X, 1602890802X, 1602890904X, 1603141402X, 1603141404X, 1603141503X, 1603364804X, 1603364901X, 1603364905X, 1603479701X, 1603479702X, 1603479705X, 1603479706X, 1603479803X, 1603479804X, 1603479805X, 1603479806X, 1603701602X, 1603701603X, 1603701606X, 1603875404X, 1603875405X, 1604011302X, 1604011303X, 1701277501X, 1701277502X, 1403539605X, 1403539701X, 1403688704X, 1403688705X, 1403831003X, 1403986801X, 1403484503X, 1501646801X, 1502834806X, 1603141501X, 1501030402X, 1501030405X, 1503042702X, 1403253701X, 1403332306X, 1403539602X, 1501940103X, 1502005206X, 1502134605X, 1502176305X, 1502326704X, 1502050904X, 1502134704X, 1502695601X, 1503175504X, 1603831002X, 1501940204X, 1502134706X, 1502176205X, 1502326404X, 1502443802X, 1502522703X, 1502522706X, 1502609206X, 1402705202X, 1501030403X, 1S01030404X, 1501030406X, 1501088102X, 1501955504X, 1501955606X, 1502005105X, 1502051005X, 1502522804X, 1502594906X, 1503090506X, 1503218801X, 1503261603X, 1601025003X, 1601025005X
  • Clasificación del producto
  • Clase de dispositivo
  • ¿Implante?
  • Distribución
    Worldwide Distribution - US (nationwide and Puerto Rico): Units were also distributed globally to the following countries: Algeria, Argentina, Australia, Austria, Belarus, Belgium, Bosnia, Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Canada, Chile, Columbia, Costa Rica, Croatia, Curacao, Czech Republic, Denmark, Dominican Republic, Egypt, El Salvador, Ecuador, Finland, France, Georgia, Germany, Greece, Guatemala, Honduras, Hungary, India, Italy, Jamaica, Japan, Jordan, Kazakhstan, South Korea, Kuwait, Lebanon, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malaysia, Mexico, Mongolia, Morocco, New Zealand, Nicaragua, Nigeria, Norway, Pakistan, Panama, Peru, Philippines, Poland, Portugal, Qatar, Romania, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Serbia, Singapore, Slovakia, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, Thailand, Turkey, UAE, Ukraine, United Kingdom, and Uzbekistan
  • Descripción del producto
    LX3 Floor Stand for LuxOR Ophthalmic Microscope; Endure LuxOR Q-VUE Ophthalmic Microscope. || LX3 Microscope Floor Stands are not stand-alone medical devices, but are used in combination with the LuxOR Ophthalmic Microscope and the LuxOR Ophthalmic Microscope with Q-VUE 3-D Assistant Visualization. These microscopes are used for low magnification visualization during cataract, retina, and cornea surgeries
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  • Dirección del fabricante
    Alcon Research, Ltd., 6201 South Fwy, Fort Worth TX 76134-2099
  • Empresa matriz del fabricante (2017)
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