Retiro De Equipo (Recall) de Device Recall AMPLATZER Delivery System

Según U.S. Food and Drug Administration, este evento ( retiro de equipo (recall) ) involucró a un dispositivo médico en United States que fue producido por AGA Medical Corporation.

¿Qué es esto?

Una corrección al equipo o acción de retiro tomada por el fabricante para abordar un problema con un dispositivo médico. Los retiros (recalls) ocurren cuando un dispositivo médico está defectuoso, cuando puede poner en riesgo la salud, o cuando simultáneamente está defectuoso y puede poner en riesgo la salud.

Más información acerca de la data acá
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  • Clase de Riesgo del Evento
    Class 2
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  • Fecha de inicio del evento
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  • Notas / Alertas
    U.S. data is current through June 2018. All of the data comes from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, except for the category Manufacturer Parent Company.
    The Parent Company was added by ICIJ.
    The parent company information is based on 2017 public records.
  • Notas adicionales en la data
    Cardiac Septal Occluder Delivery System - Product Code GBK
  • Causa
    Aga medical has found that microscopic tears can occur in the delivery system sterile packaging under accelerated stress testing with routine shipping configurations. these microscopic tears are a potential breach of the sterile barrier. aga has no confirmed complaints or adverse events related to this failure mode.
  • Acción
    An Urgent Recall Notice, dated 09/29/06, was sent to customers via facsimile or email and via Federal Express. The letter describes the issue and what product is affected. Unexpired product that is returned to AGA will be replaced. A response form is asked to be returned to AGA.


  • Modelo / Serial
    Order no. 9-DEL-5F-180/60, Lot Numbers: M03J19-05, M03L18-49, M04B02-02, M04C01-19, M04E18-13, M04J13-15, M04L02-04, M04M28-10, M05C15-31, M05C25-27, M05D29-51, M05G20-44, M05G28-19, M05H30-45, M05J23-32.  Order no. 9-DEL-6F-45/60, Lot Numbers: M03L11-45, M03J23-04, M04B09-16, M04E27-19, M04L22-12, M05A03-10, M05B04-20, M05B08-04, M05C08-23, M05C09-05, M05E24-48, M05H01-51, M05J12-16, M06C20-25, M06D03-02, M06D19-71, M06E22-46.  Order no. 9-DEL-6F-180/80, Lot Numbers: M03K16-22, M03K28-33, M03L11-47, M03M02-09, M03M03-09, M03M12-18, M04A19-31, M04B03-10, M04C01-17, M04C23-12, M04D06-10, M04D13-16, M04E24-16, M04F23-21, M04F28-40, M04G01-22, M04G27-27, M04H03-17, M04H12-11, M04H24-23, M04L08-02, M04M16-21, M04M30-04, M05A03-09, M05A05-27, M05A12-07, M05A17-07, M05A18-04, M05A20-09, M05A27-27, M05A31-06, M05B02-26, M05B21-13, M05B23-09, M05C08-04, M05C25-02, M05D07-08, M05D13-09, M05D14-13, M05G07-20, M05G11-03, M05G12-06, M05G15-24, M05G15-31, M05G27-41, M05H08-19, M05H04-10, M05H05-29, M05H09-09, M05K14-06, M05K20-10, M05K28-02, M05M28-23, M06A13-17, M06D19-53, M06D19-57, M06D19-55, M06D19-59, M06E16-68, M06E22-65, M06E22-67, M06F07-90, M06F13-86.  Order no. 9-DEL-7F-45/60, Lot Numbers: . Order no. , Lot Numbers: M03L12-09, M04C23-09, M04E24-17, M04G01-24, M04M10-18, M05B04-18, M05B07-06, M05B16-02, M05D08-09, M05F13-11, M05G15-16, M05G19-24, M05J08-03.  Order no. 9-DEL-7F-45/80, Lot Numbers: M03J19-07, M03K14-06, M03K28-35, M03L11-48, M04B03-09, M04B03-14, M04C08-12, M04D06-12, M04E11-28, M04E24-20, M04F08-23, M04H03-23, M04J17-07, M04K07-02, M04K28-06, M04L30-04, M05A11-12, M05A11-10, M05A12-05, M05B04-09, M05B16-04, M05B16-23, M05B23-07, M05C10-07, M05C14-07, M05C15-29, M05D04-15, M05E03-02, M05E12-16, M05E12-03, M05E16-21, M05E17-45, M05F01-02, M05F30-25, M05G07-02, M05G21-06, M05G29-23, M05H01-11, M05H17-09, M05J16-13, M05J16-68, M05J28-08, M05K04-04, M05M05-11, M06A13-19, M06C20-23, M06C28-42, M06D04-77, M06D12-20, M06E16-80, M06F01-43, M06F07-88, M06F13-76, M06G25-96.  Order no. 9-DEL-7F-180/80, Lot Numbers: M03K24-14, M03L12-10, M03M12-19, M03G15-34, M04B03-08, M04B09-17, M04C01-18, M04D01-05, M04D06-11, M04D20-07, M04E04-05, M04F08-21, M04H03-18, M04H24-25, M04K22-13, M04L30-12, M04M13-05, M05A18-26, M05A20-11, M05B08-06, M05B14-22, M05B18-10, M05B18-12, M05C16-33, M05C16-18, M05D05-39, M05E11-30, M05E18-04, M05E26-23, M05G08-07, M05G15-29, M05G26-16, M05H02-22, M05H03-11, M05J13-14, M05J19-66, M05J23-07, M05J26-19, M05K19-04, M05L30-22, M05M22-20, M06D19-67, M05D19-69, M06E16-76, M06E22-71, M06E22-69. Order no. 9-DEL-8F-45/60, Lot Numbers: M03K14-07, M03L18-50, M03M03-11, M04C23-10, M04E24-18, M04G01-20, M04L30-02, M04M15-20, M05B07-08, M05B14-04, M05B15-07, M05B24-14, M05B25-06, M05H19-13. Order no. 9-DEL-8F-45/80, Lot Numbers: M03J19-08, M03J25-27, M03K09-23, M03K28-36, M03L11-46, M03M03-12, M03M29-07, M04A19-28, M04A28-16, M04B03-13, M04B09-19, M04B17-33, M04B24-08, M04C23-11, M04D06-13, M04D26-06, M04D26-10, M04F08-22, M04F27-47, M04H24-22, M04J07-09, M04J10-22, M04J17-08, M04J17-09, M04K06-02, M04K11-08, M04K15-10, M04K25-25, M04L02-02, M04L08-12, M04L29-18, M04M01-02, M04M10-08, M04M20-16, M04M22-02, M04M30-05, M05A11-08, M05A18-28, M05A21-20, M05A21-24, M05A24-34, M05A27-13, M05A28-13, M05A31-08, M05B17-04, M05B17-06, M05C21-24, M05C24-04, M05C25-18, M05C30-24, M05C31-28, M05D06-07, M05D12-03, M05D14-09, M05D20-06, M05D25-19, M05D27-20, M05D28-13, M05E24-17, M05E25-21, M05E27-46, M05F06-46, M05F21-43, M05F21-41, M05G20-10, M05G27-39, M05H12-16, M05H17-13, M05H24-19, M05J09-10, M05J09-12, M05K11-03, M05K18-10, M05K20-08, M05K21-05, M05L17-19, M05L21-04, M05L28-04, M05L30-20, M06A09-15, M06A12-10, M06A12-12, M06A20-25, M06A20-27, M06A24-18, M06A20-29, M06C17-36, M06C17-38, M06D04-73, M06D11-05, M06D12-12, M06D12-14, M06D12-16, M06D12-18, M06E22-49, M06E22-51, M06F01-47, M06F07-82, M06F07-84, M06F07-86, M06F13-72, M06F13-74, M06F22-19, M06F29-12, M06G24-46.  Order no. 9-DEL-8F-180/80, Lot Numbers: M03L18-52, M04B09-18, M04C23-13, M04E27-20, M04F08-24, M04H03-20, M04K26-18, M04L04-17. M05B11-08, M05C01-06, M05C01-08, M05C11-02, M05E02-21, M05F28-12, M05J01-38, M05J22-28, M05K18-04.  Order no. 9-DEL-9F-45/80, Lot Numbers: M03K14-08, M03K24-15, M03K28-37, M03M02-12, M03M03-08, M03M29-03, M03M29-06, M03M30-13, M04A19-29, M04A28-18, M04B03-12, M04B17-38, M04C08-13, M04C15-04, M04C15-06, M04D06-09, M04D13-17, M04D20-08, M04D26-07, M04D26-09, M04E24-19, M04E27-24, M04F21-43, M04F23-23, M04G27-25, M04H12-12, M04H24-20, M04J22-13, M04K08-02, M04L05-08, M04L19-11, M04L29-02, M04L29-17, M04L29-23, M04L30-10, M04M14-02, M04M14-04, M04M14-21, M04M16-23, M04N22-23, M05A05-25, M05A03-12, M05A11-06, M05A13-19, M05A18-24, M05A19-04, M05A24-09, M05A24-32, M05A24-36, M05A25-19, M05A28-11, M05B01-05, M05B02-24, M05B04-22, M05B10-05, M05B11-06, M05B22-03, M05B23-05, M05B24-20, M05C10-25, M05C15-27, M05C24-02, M05D04-13, M05D06-05, M05D07-04, M05D08-11, M05D12-20, M05D26-26, M05E11-14, M05E11-16, M05E13-09, M05E31-04, M05E31-10, M05E31-12, M05F06-44, M05F03-12, M05F09-06, M05F10-07, M05F14-26, M05F16-17, M05F27-06, M05F29-06, M05G06-07, M05G18-30, M05G19-15, M05G27-07, M05G27-43, M05H01-09, M05H12-14, M05H18-34, M05H19-08, M0530-36, M05J07-10, M05J08-05, M05J16-57, M05L01-02, M05L18-02, M05L30-06, M05M02-21, M05M06-13, M05M08-16, M05M22-12, M05M22-16, M06A09-12, M06A16-23, M06C15-52, M06C20-27, M06C24-22, M06D04-69, M06D04-71, M06D19-61, M06D19-63, M06D21-03, M06D21-05, M06D21-07, M06E22-53, M06E22-55, M06F13-78, M06F29-10, M06G25-93.  Order no. 9-DEL-9F-180/80, Lot Numbers: M03K28-34, M03L18-51, M04L22-14, M05C28-12, M05D07-10, M05E03-13, M05F22-09, M05J26-21. Order no. 9-DEL-10F-45/80, Lot Numbers: M03J25-26, M03K01-02, M03K09-22, M03K14-05, M03K16-16, M03K16-17, M03K24-09, M03L18-56, M03M30-11, M03M30-14, M03M30-15, M04A19-30, M04B03-11, M04B17-34, M04B24-09, M04C30-08, M04F08-20, M04F23-20, M04F28-46, M04G01-19, M04G01-21, M04H23-20, M04H23-21, M04J07-04, M04L29-19, M04L29-20, M04M22-25, M04M17-19, M04M29-09, M04M29-10, M05A03-11, M05A10-07, M05A10-09, M05A14-08, M05B07-24, M05B07-25, M05B07-26, M05B18-06, M05B21-04, M05B24-08, M05C03-08, M05C07-06, M05C10-05, M05C10-27, M05C15-25, M05C23-07, M05C29-13, M05D29-05, M05E04-17, M05E05-24, M05E09-19, M05E09-21, M05E16-19, M05E17-43, M05E24-13, M05E27-38, M05E26-33, M05F09-08, M05F28-08, M05F28-10, M05H03-37, M05H22-06, M05H25-15, M05H25-13, M05J01-13, M05J22-23, M05K10-07, M05K13-04, M05K19-02, M05K21-03, M05L18-04, M05L29-12, M05M02-23, M05M01-05, M05M22-18, M06A13-15, M06C15-55, M06C24-20, M06D04-65, M06D04-67, M06E08-10, M06E08-12, M06F07-80, M06F13-82, M06G25-94. Order no. 9-DEL-12F-45/80, Lot Numbers: M03J25-28, M03K16-21, M03K24-13, M03L18-55, M03M03-13, M03M30-12, M03M30-16, M04A28-19, M04C09-03, M04C09-04, M04C15-05, M04D01-04, M04D06-08, M04D26-08, M04F21-42, M04F23-22, M04G27-26, M04H03-22, M04H24-21, M04J30-02, M04K05-02, M04K25-23, M04L04-09, M04M10-05, M04M23-02, M05A13-03, M05A14-11, M05A19-06, M05B04-24, M05B21-28, M05C03-04, M05C02-06, M05C07-08, M05C08-02, M05C21-25, M05D07-06, M05D15-28, M05D19-02, M05D18-45, M05D25-04, M05D28-23, M05D29-19, M05E02-08, M05E10-29, M05E13-26, M05E19-07, M05E20-17, M05E24-15, M05F07-12, M05F15-35, M05F15-43, M05F20-05, M05F21-54, M05G13-16, M05G25-15, M05G27-09, M05H05-27, M05H26-08, M05H29-16, M05J09-27, M05J12-09, M05J12-07, M05K06-10, M05K07-25, M05K31-28, M06C15-57, M06D04-75, M06D12-10, M06E16-78, M06F01-45, M06F13-84.   the following devices are not approved for US distribution: AMPLATZER TorqVue Delivery System, order no. 9-ITV06F45/60, Lot numbers: M05K24-25, M05L03-06, M06C03-17, M06C27-05, M06E22-57.  Order no. 9-ITV07F45/60, Lot numbers: M05K24-27, M05L04-13, M06B10-21, M06E01-40, M06F13-96.  Order no. 9-ITV07F45/80, Lot numbers: M05K24-04, M05L10-07, M05L14-13, M05L15-34, M06B01-31, M06C02-14, M06F01-33, M06F07-68, M06F07-70.  Order no. 9-ITV08F45/60, Lot numbers: M05K24-29, M05L03-08, M06B10-25.  Order no. 9-ITV08F45/80, Lot numbers: M05K24-31, M05L11-15, M05M06-17, M05M07-10, M05M12-16, M06A05-25, M06B01-33, M06B10-27, M06B10-23, M06E03-10, M06E03-08, M06E16-84, M06F01-41, M06F13-90, M06G06-18, M06G25-79.  Order no. 9-ITV09F45/80, Lot numbers: M05K24-33, M05L10-09, M05M12-18, M05M12-20, M06A12-19, M06B01-37, M06B10-29, M06C03-14, M06C10-18, M06C10-20, M06C13-38, M06C13-40, M06D19-73, M06D26-26, M06D26-28, M06D26-30, M06F01-39, M06F07-76, M06F07-72, M06F13-98, M06F14-03, M06F22-17, M06F14-01, M06G24-28, M06F22-15.  Order no. 9-ITV10F45/80, Lot numbers: M05K24-06, M05L02-12, M05M07-12, M05M12-22. M06B01-39, M06C02-16, M06C10-22, M06C10-24, M06C13-42, M06C13-44, M06D12-08, M06D12-06, M06F13-92, M06G06-24, M06G06-22.  Order no. 9-ITV12F45/80, Lot numbers: M05K24-35, M05L14-09, M05M05-15, M05M12-24, M06B01-41, M06C02-18, M06C20-39, M06C10-28, M06C10-26, M06D12-01, M06E03-04, M06E09-59, M06G25-89.  Order no. 9-ITV05F180/60, Lot numbers: M05K24-02, M05L02-15, M06C27-07.  Order no. 9-ITV06F180/60, Lot numbers:  Order no. 9-ITV06F180/80, Lot numbers: M05K24-08, M05L03-10, M05L04-15, M05L17-23, M05L28-03, M06C20-29, M06C20-31, M06C27-08, M06C20-33, M06E01-05, M06G06-26.  Order no. 9-ITV07F180/80, Lot numbers: M05K24-10, M05L08-06, M05L15-28, M05L17-25, M06B17-34, M06B21-43, M06B21-45, M06B21-47, M06G24-24.  Order no. 9-ITV08F180/80, Lot numbers: M05K24-23, M05L11-17, M06B17-28, M06D19-65, M06E08-05.  Order no. 9-ITV09F180/80, Lot numbers: M05K24-21, M05L07-06, M06B17-32.
  • Distribución
    Worldwide, including USA, Puerto Rico, Algeria, Argentina, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Chile, China, Colombia, Costa Rica, Cuba, Denmark, El Salvador, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Guatemala, Hungary, Iceland, India, Indonesia, Israel, Italy, Japan, Jordan, Korea, Kuwait, Malaysia, Moroc, Mexico, Norway, Pakistan, Peru, Phillipines, Poland, Portugal, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Slovak Republic, South Africa, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, Thailand, The Netherlands, Tunisia, Turkey, United Kingdom, Uruguay, Venezuela, and Vietnam.
  • Descripción del producto
    Amplatzer Cardiac Septal Occluder Delivery Systems labeled as follows: a) AMPLATZER Delivery System, Order no. 9-DEL-5F-180/60, 9-DEL-6F-45/60, 9-DEL-6F-180/80, 9-DEL-7F-45/60, 9-DEL-7F-45/80, 9-DEL-7F-180/80, 9-DEL-8F-45/60, 9-DEL-8F-45/80, 9-DEL-8F-180/80, 9-DEL-9F-45/80, 9-DEL-9F-180/80, 9-DEL-10F-45/80, 9-DEL-12F-45/80. [Breakdown of order no. ''9-DEL-5F-180/60'' is as follows: 9-DEL, French size (5F) - degree angle curve (180) / usable length in cm (60).] b) the following devices are not approved for US distribution: AMPLATZER TorqVue Delivery System, order no. 9-ITV06F45/60, 9-ITV07F45/60, 9-ITV07F45/80, 9-ITV08F45/60, 9-ITV08F45/80, 9-ITV09F45/80, 9-ITV10F45/80, 9-ITV12F45/80, 9-ITV05F180/60, 9-ITV06F180/80, 9-ITV07F180/80, 9-ITV08F180/80, 9-ITV09F180/80. Manufactured in USA, Sterile EO. Headquarters AGA Medical Corporation, 682 Mendelssohn Avenue, Golden Valley, MN 55427 U.S.A. The Delivery System is comprised of a delivery sheath, delivery cable, dilator, loading device and pin vise.
  • Manufacturer


  • Dirección del fabricante
    AGA Medical Corporation, 682 Mendelssohn Ave N, Golden Valley MN 55427-4306
  • Source