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    Nitinol StaplesElastic Staples - Large and Small SymmetricalMultiple Model and Lot NumbersPanel Code: 87 Orthopedic, Part 888.3030Product Code: JDRAll staples manufactured between March 12, 2015 - presentARTG Number: 229705LMT Surgical - Fixation device, internal, staple
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    PyroTitan Humeral Resurfacing Arthroplasty ShapersMultiple Catalogue and Lot Numbers affectedARTG Number: 111050
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    PyroTITAN Humeral Resurfacing Arthroplasty (CHRA) Product Codes:CHRA-910-38/14-WW (Size 38-14)CHRA-910-41/15-WW (Size 41-15)CHRA-910-41/18-WW (Size 41-18)CHRA-910-44/16-WW (Size 44-16)CHRA-910-44/19-WW (Size 44-19)CHRA-910-44/17-WW (Size 47-17)CHRA-910-47/20-WW (Size 47-20)CHRA-910-50/18-WW (Size 50-18)CHRA-910-50/21/WW (Size 50-21)CHRA-910-53/19-WW (Size 53-19)CHRA-910-53/22-WW (Size 53-22)CHRA-910-56/21-WW (Size 56-21)ARTG: 149178

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